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Sunshine Flow with Rosey Bloom

Rosey Bloom hooping

Rosey Bloom of the Mansfield University Hoop Troupe gets grooving with what she calls her “Sunshine Flow” in her latest video. Spinning up both single and double hoops on a sunny day with a lovely mountain backdrop, she also includes…

The Donaghy Sisters Spin Through Montana

montanahooping The Donaghy sisters are at it again! The fun loving family loves traveling with their hoops and this trip is no exception as Erin Donaghy and sister Caitlin Donaghy of Caitlin Loves Hoops show us the beauty of rural Montana. As they take us along their travels they always spin their love of hoop dance. Erin lives in Arlington, Virginia, and Caitlin lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The soundtrack for this is called “On Top of The World” by Imagine Dragons and you can get your copy of it over on iTunes.

Terminal Paradox with the Erie Dance Conservatory

Erie Dance Conservatory Company performing We adore this moving piece by the Erie Dance Conservatory Company featuring dance hoopers Marianna Allen, Jessica Boscaljon, Emily Emanuel, Hannah Gibson, Zoey Keeley, Nina Ricci, Giana Ruffa, Alexia Snedeker, Kyleigh Suesser, Grace Twitchell, Madison Wieczorek, and Harlie Yahn. Choreography was done by Allegra Glinsky and Jennifer Dennehy, who also came up with the concept of using the hoops to represent the growth of cancer cells. Jennifer lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for their performance is “We Insist” by Zoe Keating. Grab your own copy of it for your collection on iTunes.

Hooping with Spaceclown

Spacedragon Hoops Hooping Spaceclown, an incarnation of Spacedragon Hoops, is having such a good time with his hoop that we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world. He exclaims, “I feel super rad in this video!” And guess what? It really shows in his hooping which will be sure to bring a smile to your day. Spacedragon is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and the song he’s hooping to is “Salute” by Little Mix and you can download it for yourself over on iTunes.