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Fire Hooping and the Fear of Getting Burned

by Molly Bilinski

Hooping in and of itself can be epic, but add fire to the equation and it can become a full-blown spectacle, whether you’re watching from the audience or in the hoop yourself. There’s nothing quite like the rush of heat and sound when a flaming fire hoop is swirling around you. And while fire hooping can be quite an empowering skill to learn and master, most believe comes with its own set of risks. The phrase “If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned” seems like more than a cliche to those who spin fire. Watching fire hoopers in their full glory, it’s as if they are able to shut off the part of their brain that tells them to be afraid. Is fire hooping truly dangerous? If so, how do they turn their fear off? How do they overcome that very human instinct to shrink away from the flames that are licking at their bodies? How likely is it that you will burn yourself? And moreover, how do hoopers who have been been burned overcome their fear and step back inside a flaming circle? We talked to a few experienced fire hoopers from around the world to find out.

Hooping It Up with Dana Slifer

Dana Slifer Dana Slifer makes her hooping.org debut in this slick and sweet little video that we all fell in love with. Spinning it up outdoors surrounded by green, Dana nails a whole series of hoop moves and spins up some beautiful flow along the way too. She lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Short Cut Detour” by Pretty Lights and you can score a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on on iTunes.

Imagine Spacedragons

spacedragon He may not be a contestant on Hooping Idol this year, but Jeremy Rand, otherwise known as SpaceDragon The Clown, decided to make a video inspired by Hooping Idol, which turned out to be a success! He is seriously nailing some advanced moves too and that work with the mini-hoop really caught our eye. He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and the song he’s hooping to is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, which you can easily download a copy of for your own collection from on iTunes.

Joan Watson Pell: Hooping Pet Sitter

Joan Watson Pell Joan Watson Pell is making her hooping.org debut, and she’s here to impart with us what an ordinary day looks like for a hooper who also has a profession in pet care. She’s here having a lot of fun in her circle too while enjoying the company of her furry guests, whether it’s in bed, in the kitchen, even in the shower! Joan lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack here is “9 to 5″ by Dolly Parton, and you can download it for your own collection over on on iTunes.

Melissa Stockwell Spins Her 3rd Hoopiversary

Melissa Stockwell When you’ve been spinning it up for three whole years, it’s cause for celebration! Just ask Melissa Stockwell, aka TranscenDance, who is celebrating her third hoopiversary and having a great time doing it. Regarding her video she says, “I hope you really enjoy it because I really had a lot of fun recording it!” Filmed at A Dancer’s Reflection, Melissa delivers some beautiful tosses, twin hooping and more. She lives in Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Revolution (Audien Remix)” by R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan and you can score your very own copy of it quite easily over on iTunes.

Sarah Baker: Our Hooper of the Week

sarah b 1 by Liz Frederiksen

Our Hooper of the Week interview series returns and after some discussion about who to kick things off with, we easily and unanimously agreed. It simply had to be Sarah Baker. Sarah’s story and positivity make her someone truly inspiring. On November 4th, 2014, 24-year-old Sarah was on her way home from Suwannee Hulaween in Florida, driving back to Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA. She was in a car accident that caused catastrophic injuries. Suddenly facing a life with only one leg, and a slow, painful recovery from other injuries, she did the unexpected: she picked up her hoop again. We needed to find out more about her, her story and her recovery, so join me for an interview with Sarah Baker, our Hooper of the Week!

Liz: When did you start hooping and how?

Sarah: I started hooping in the summer of 2014, so about 6 months before the accident. I got into hooping because I would always see people with the LED hoops at music festivals. I saved up some extra cash, got myself a beautiful Mood Hoop, and immediately fell in love with it. I was determined to learn and I started practicing every day for at least an hour or two before I went to work.

Liz: How did hooping change your life?

Sarah: Hooping helped me build my self-confidence up so much, especially since the accident. It’s also introduced me to the entire hooping community, which is so full of inspiration!

Liz: Can you tell us about the accident and your injuries?

Sarah: My boyfriend and I, along with our best friend and his Dad, were traveling home from Florida after having a magical week at Suwannee Hulaween. I was in the back seat on the drivers side and I was sleeping, and so were the other passengers. It was 5am and we were somewhere in North Carolina on I-95. My good friend, who was driving, fell asleep at the wheel. When the car hit the rumble strips we all woke up. He tried to keep us on the road, but lost control and the car began to flip and roll off the highway. I remember the first roll, but then I was knocked unconscious and thrown from the car. I went out the window and as I was going the car rolled over my right foot, completely crushing it. Everyone else survived, and managed to stay in the car.

Hoop Dance Joy with Marianna Hunter

Marianna Hunter Marianna Hunter is having a great time hooping it up at home, and she is making her debut on hooping.org too. Her rockin’ hoop dance is bound to have you smiling and tapping your toes, since that is what happened to all of us too! Marianna lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and the song she’s hooping to is “Soldiers” by Out of Eden, and it’s available for you to download your copy of quite easily on iTunes.

Full Term Pregnant Hoop Dancing with KiT

Full Term Pregnant Hoop Dancing with Kit “Spin spin spin!!! The kid loves it.” That’s what KiT, otherwise known as Veronika Petra, has to say about her full term pregnant hoop dance at home. With some truly beautiful sustained spinning and more, you’d hardly know by her graceful flow that she is indeed 40 weeks pregnant. Kit is currently living in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Keep It Close” by Seven Lions and you can snag a copy of it for your own collection quite easily on iTunes.