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LED Hoop Dance with Theresa Ciavarella

Theresa LED Hooping Theresa Ciavarella of Hoop Dance with Theresa is one hoopdancer who knows how to rock it. Check out her fantastic LED hoop dancing at the annual Community Days event, held in DuBois, Pennsylvania, USA. Theresa lives in DuBois, Pennsylvania, as well and the cinematography and editing for this video were done by Ryan Haggerty. The soundtrack for this is called “We Do It” by Domenico Iannizzotto and you can grab your own copy of it on iTunes.

Kim Cuppett: Snow Hooping

Kim Cuppett Hooping

Baby, it’s cold outside… but that isn’t stopping Kim Cuppett of the Altoona Hoop Jam from getting outside and hooping it up in her snowy yard. It might be cold, but check out her video and you’ll see her funky…

Clown Girl Hoop Dance Laser Tunnel Party

ScareHouse Laser Tunnel Hooping

Halloween may be over for most, but for the folks at ScareHouse, an extreme haunted house located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, it’s a year-round holiday! Check out this crazy creepy promo video just released featuring “Happy The Clown”, hooping her way…

Cat Attacks Hooper

Cat Attacks Hooper

Cats and hoops aren’t two things we usually think of as going together and Samantha Cyparski shows us why that could possibly be. In this video featuring special guest appearances by her cat Nigel, well, you just can’t keep the…

Kait O’Brien

Kait O'Brien

Kait O’Brien, otherwise known as the “Annular Gypsy” of Annular Hoops, spins up a storm for her brand-spanking-new promotional video. The exceptional filming partnered with picturesque scenery – oh, and don’t forget the spectacular hooping! – create a demo here…

Caitlin Donaghy

Caitlin Donaghy

Caitlin Donaghy, of Caitlin Loves Hoops, gets a little night time flow going to one of her favorite songs of as part of Hooping.org’s 30/30 Fall Fun & Fitness Hooping Challenge. She says, “I have been recording some of my…

Sami Raea Sunshine

Sami Sunshine

It is said that rainy weather gets peacocks in the mood for dancing. Not sure how correct that is, but sunshine seems to definitely get Sami Raea Sunshine in the mood for dancing with her hoop. Sami, also known as Dancey…