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Adventures in Sass: Hula Hoop Burlesque!

Anna the Hulagan

by Jenny Hill Burlesque! With a resurgence of interest in the variety show format, burlesque has returned to the stage, and many hoopers are among the smitten kittens. It’s an approachable and engaging artform that is comedic, elegant, sensual, narrative,…

Rendez-v’Hoop Paris: Spectacle Gala de Hoopdance


Hoopers from all over recently united at La Bellevilloise Ménilmontant in Paris, France, to participate in the French hoop gathering called Rendez-v’Hoop Paris. This video montage highlights the various showcase acts from their talented participants, created for your viewing pleasure…

Mini Hoop Belly Dance with Snake Hooper

Snake Hooper Lou Cat Snake Hooper, otherwise known as Lou Cat of Lou-Cat.com, combines belly dance here with her love for mini hoops. Making her debut on Hooping.org with a mesmerizing video, she captivated us all with her passion for both. She lives in Paris, France, and the soundtrack for this called “Nu Te Fermare” by Pizzica Indiavolata and you can grab a copy of it for yourself if you like quite easily on iTunes.