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Ipcha Garpo: Une Petite Dingue du

Ipcha Zad Garpo Ipcha “Zad” Garpo, otherwise known as Philippe Lavot, has a new song out called “Une Petite Dingue du…” and it’s all about a girl who is crazy for hula hoops. In this zany French music video we follow the musicians as they play their way around the city of Paris with a hoop while pointing out other hoop-shaped objects along the way. Meanwhile the hooper is spinning until she’s literally “blue in the face”! We’re not sure how to get your hands on a copy of this fun soundtrack, but you can enjoy it here on hooping.org and on YouTube.


Shamay Shamay Piratribe, hoop teacher and performer for the dance troupe Lucioles, just released her new demo for 2013 where she manages to incorporate a refreshing taste of belly dance into her moves. She is calling it “belly hoop fusion”, so let her mesmerize you with trick, after trick, after trick, after trick… Although Shamay teaches hoop dance in Paris, this was filmed in Marseilles. She lives in Paris, France, as well and the soundtrack for her new demo video is by Landry Music, though we aren’t sure what it is called.

Lila Chupa Hoops

Lila Chupa HoopsThe demo reel, a video version of a résumé that visually demonstrates what it is you do in a way that your written curriculum vitae never could. Lila Chupa Hoops of Hoopera‘s new demo presents a very polished, professional and totally confident video demonstration of what it is she does, hooping wonderfully! One of our four top finalists from Hooping Idol last year, it’s great to see her looking so good. Lila lives in Paris, France, and her soundtrack here is “Glitter Bomb” by Juanitos.

Doctissimo Puts Hula Hooping to the Test

Hoopera Lila Chupa-Hoops of Hoopera, a finalist on our second season of Hooping Idol that went all the way to the finale, recently helped put the hula hoop to the test for Doctissimo. The popular French website related to health and wellness decided to find out more about this thing called hooping. Lucile Woodward, who is a journalist in their sport and fitness category, decided to take her first hooping class on an investigative mission. After attending hoop class with Lila, a beginner class for first time hoopers, what did her thoughts end up being on the matter? Lucile concluded that aside from the fitness and sporty side of hooping she had discovered a whole artistic and creative aspect she hadn’t anticipated. She arrived ready to test out hula hooping and she left with a new hoop dance vocabulary, excited to learn more. Watch the segment below:

Eve Magazine Interviews Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Chupa-Hoops Eve Magazine took time out recently to speak with Lila Chupa-Hoops of Hoopera about being a hooper and a woman. “Hooping is an every day thing for me,” she told Eve, noting that there are different sides to her as a hooper. Her hooping name came about as the result of an artistic burlesque performance where she tackles a giant lollipop while hooping. Spinning a twist on the distinctive Chupa Chups suckers, the name Chupa-Hoops seems to have stuck. Lila’s goal these days is just to get the message about hooping out there – explaining that it’s not just about others being able to see it, but about encouraging them all to join in the fun. As a self-taught hooper Lila told Eve that she always yearns for more companions in the hoop to keep her company. She notes, “I don’t want to keep all these secrets to myself, not at all!” When Eve Magazine asked Lila “What is a Woman?”, her response was: “To know one’s self, one’s body and one’s mind. With that she can do anything!” Lila lives in Paris, France, and you can watch the Eve Magazine story about her below.

Vogue Fashion Night Out Hula Hoops It Up

Vogue Fashion Night Out Paris 2012 Earlier this year Marawa The Amazing was recommended to Opening Ceremony as a nice addition to the opening party for their new store in London. “I was lucky enough to meet two of the smartest, most stylish and hard working people on the planet, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the masterminds not only behind OC, but the newly appointed creative directors of KENZO,” she told Hooping.org. The OC London party turned out to be so much fun that when they mentioned putting something together in Paris for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, she simply attributed to it late night party talk that would never actually happen. That is, until the phone rang.

Vogue Fashion Night Out Paris 2012 Vogue’s Fashion Night Out has long been an event where the big fashion houses try to out do one another with over the top stunts and KENZO decided to get ahead of the game this year by making headlines all over fashion blogs for their hoopla parties, held in both the London and Paris stores. Marawa explained, “I worked with their super friendly team and we put together a program of hoop performances, as well as competitions.” Marawa went off to Paris and Charlene Hoola Davies was put in charge of the hoopla in London. Marawa met up with Paris based hoopers including Anossens and Lila Chupa-Hoops of Hoopera, both well from their seasons on Hooping Idol. There they put together two routines to a great mash up of tracks and the highlight of the night when when Vogue turned up and filmed the entire show, streaming it live during their coverage of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out which set everyone in the fashion world talking about how hip hooping is right now.

Hooping Idol 2: The Grand Finale Results Show

In our Hooping Idol 2 Finale Results Show, Hooping.org salutes all four of our outstanding finalists because they all rock! They’re all winners in our book, though only one is hooping away with our Hooping Idol Ultimate Prize Package. We invite and encourage all of you to share the love with all of our finalists today.

We started off six weeks ago by introducing you to our 20 selected finalists for Season Two. They got all decked out in polyester for Hooping Idol Disco Week and then we said our Disco Farewells and announced Circus Week. Sixteen spun things up under the Big Top for a Hooping.org record breaking Hooping Idol Circus Week. 6 more went home and we introduced Slow Jams Week. Our Top Ten slowed things down with soft rock songs and slow jams for Slow Jams Week and 3 more were eliminated. The Super Seven performed for us and three more were eliminated, bringing us to the final four and The Hooping Idol 2 Grand Finale. Our four finalists are (in alphabetical order) Chad Forsberg of Boulder, Colorado, USA, Hannah Flett of Exeter, England, UK, Laura Orcutt of Hopkintown, Rhode Island, USA, and Lila-Chupa Hoops of Paris, France. Which one is our new Hooping Idol? Watch The Grand Finale Results Show to find out.

Hooping Idol 2 Prizes

Thank you to all of our Hooping Idol 2 Ultimate Prize Pack sponsors for their generosity. This year our prizes included a rockin’ registration to one of Hoop Revolution’s three upcoming trainings for 2012 (scheduled to be held in Arlington, Texas, New York and San Francisco) to learn even more from the Mother of Hoop Dance herself – Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach (a $600 Value) – plus they’re getting a pair of Hoop Revolution HoopBooty™ pants (a $100.00 Value). Hooping.org wants to really support our new Hooping Idol in being able to take things to the next level as well, so we’re giving them three months of site-wide graphic advertising (a $600 value). And our winner will be looking like a Hooping Idol with their brand new Helix Hoop from Proton Labs featuring 256 visual patterns, the most visual patterns included with any hoop (a $350 value). And they’ll be setting the world on fire with a new five-wick fire hoop from Harmonic Hoops and a Pocket/8-piece Collapsible Travel Hoop in the design of their choice from Troo Hoops (a $70 value). Not enough hoops yet? We didn’t think so. Our winner is also scoring a pair of color polypro twin hoops from Superhooper.org (a $60 value) and a $75 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store. But wait, there’s more. They’re also getting a 2013 Dudes of Hooping Calendar (a $28 value), a dazzling Marawa The Amazing glitter hoop (a $25 value) and a one-of-a-kind super special Babz Robinson Sock Monster (priceless). When we said Ultimate Prize Package, we weren’t kidding and our prize package this year is worth over $2,000! For our second place finisher, they’ll be getting a pair of color polypro twins from Superhooper.org, a $30 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store, an off-body fire hoop from Harmonic Hoops and an iTunes gift card. Our third place finisher will also be getting a pair of color polypro twin hoops from Superhooper.org and a $20 gift certificate to the HoopSupplies.com store. Hooping.org would like to thank all of our prize sponsors for their generosity and support of Hooping Idol. Thank you all.