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Amanda Syryda

Amanda Syryda Hoopers can’t help but hoop everywhere we go because, well, why wouldn’t you? A wonderful trip anywhere is made even sweeter with hooping and Amanda Syryda of Hip Flick Hoops takes us on a hoop tour of her recent travels, showing us how this is done via clips of her 3 month trip to Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.” I think her title sums it up best, “4 Countries, 3 Months, 2 Hoops, 1 Girl Living the Dream.” Amanda lives in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada, and her song of choice for this is “California Sunrise” by Dirty Gold and it’s available on iTunes.

Takoda Rain: Rainy Day Hooping in Panama

Takoda RainWhile rain often sends hoopers scrambling to grab their belongings and head indoors, it’s another thing altogether when you’re in a tropical climate like Panama. Takoda Rain of Sacred Spirit Flow takes advantage of some clouds and drizzle here to hoop dance on the beach somewhere in the Bocas del Torros province. As the waves roll in enjoy her spinning it up on the shore as she shares some beautiful hoop dancing with us in a place that is truly beautiful – even when it rains. Takoda lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and we’ve been unable to identify the soundtrack.

2010 Ambassador Summary


  • Gina W delivers hoops to the Faveles in Rio as part of the Brazilian National Children’s Day.  Also they are taking hoops to Duque de Caxias
  • Estesfania delivered hoops to the Ecuador rainforest’s Indigenous Achuar in Pumpuentza.
  • Feivel is taking hoops to Panama with her group Bridges Across Borders
  • Moriah, a 12-year old hooper, is heading to India for a year with hoops and her group:  Comprehensive Rural Health Project
  • Betty from Lucas Hooping returns from Palestine and heads to Bali in September with 40 hoops for World Hoop Day
  • Jowanna makes hoops so friend can deliver to children in Uganda
  • Kirby donates hoops to The Tree Of Life Orphanage in Thailand
  • Jane takes hoops to Peru and meets some of the world’s best hoop tapers:  Textile weavers in the Andes.
  • Jenny is a school counselor in Oregon who requested hoops from the World Hoop Day Foundation.  They are on their way!
  • Jowanna in Gold Coast, Australia gives away over 50 hoops the first week of January and spreads her wings to Sydney.  She has also donated to Aboriginals and other children in need.
  • Pixie Hoops moved to Fiji with supplying local children with 100 hoops and flow arts training.