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Asha Hooping

Asha Afi

Asha Afi spins up a groove we really love with her latest hoop dance at Rosemont Park. Outside and enjoying the kind of beautiful weather we’d expect a Florida hooper to have this time of year, Asha connects with the music, connects with her hoop, and connects with her dance and the result is awesome. She lives in Orlando, Florida, USA,…

Caitlin Skye

Caitlin Skye: Hooping on Pointe

Caitlin Skye may have begun her hooping career at the age of seven training with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, but once she was off tour she joined the prestigious Orlando Ballet Academy and studied ballet full time while continuing her hula hoop training and performances. And now, after a lifetime of vigorous training, Caitlin debuts might…