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Caitlin Skye: Hooping on Pointe

Caitlin Skye Caitlin Skye may have begun her hooping career at the age of seven training with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, but once she was off tour she joined the prestigious Orlando Ballet Academy and studied ballet full time while continuing her hula hoop training and performances. And now, after a lifetime of vigorous training, Caitlin debuts might very well be the first full-fledged hula hoop act performed by a classically trained ballerina. She lives in Orlando, Florida, USA, and the soundtrack for this is The Nutcracker Suite.

Anna Kimura

Anna Kimura Anna Kimura lights up the night with her fire and LED skills in this stunning video.  From flaming belly dancing to exciting double fire hooping, Anna pulls out all the stops in her brand new promo video. Filmed and Edited by Maxx Mcinerney, the soundtrack here is “Breathe” by Minnesota and you can snag a copy of it  on iTunes.  Last year’s promo, which you can watch for yourself here was one of our favorite videos of 2012. Anna is based out of Orlando, Florida, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.