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Nose Hooping

Nose Hooping Combos with Alexandria Truex

Alexandria Truex of Dutruex Hoops really has a nose for hooping and in this badass little video she’s taking nose hooping – or nooping if you prefer – to whole new levels. Working a...

Sari Mah

Hooping with Sari Mah

Sari Mah jumps into her hoop in this great action shot. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Photo by Radiance Photographics.


Harmony Rhythm and Kai Crusos

A stunning shot of Harmony Rythm and Kai Crusos laying in the lush greenery as they both hoop on their feet. Harmony lives in Ashland, Oregon, USA. Kai lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA,...

Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe spins up a performance at the The Analog Cafe & Theater. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cody Augustine.

Crazy Diamonds

Dancing in Circles with The Crazy Diamonds

In this little documentary short film, producer Kane Limbaugh takes an up close and personal look at The Crazy Diamonds Hoop Troupe and finds out what hooping means to them. He speaks with Susan...


Timothy Copeman

We love this self portrait of Timothy Copeman, hooping under the bridge on the bike trail in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Jannae Palovich

Jannae Palovich: Airport Hooping in Vegas

Are you going to be doing some holiday traveling? Jannae Palovich of Rage Hoops took a little hoop break between flights in the airport terminal. She was returning home from a trip to Las...

Serena Scaglione

Serena Scaglione

Serena Scaglione of Juicy Hoops gives a LED hoop performance during the Beloved Festival in Tidewater Falls, Oregon. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Kyer Wiltshire of Kyer Photography.

Jannae Palovich

Jannae Palovich: Immersive Hoop Dance

Hooping videos have a knack for creating a domino effect. One hooper’s video will inspire another hooper to get out there and make one of their own. Jannae Palovich of Rage Hoops, inspired by...