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Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe spins up a performance at the The Analog Cafe & Theater. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cody Augustine.

Serena Scaglione

Serena Scaglione

Serena Scaglione of Juicy Hoops gives a LED hoop performance during the Beloved Festival in Tidewater Falls, Oregon. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Kyer Wiltshire of Kyer Photography.

Luna Breeze at Periplo

Luna Breeze

In this bite sized information world in which we live, we are sometimes given something that not only asks us to take our time, but rewards us in a way that can leave you feeling like your soul has just…

Tim Copeman: Forest Hoop

Tim Copeman: Forest Hoop

It’s believed that in the early days of history in Greece and in Egypt that hoops were formed using tree branches and vines. If that is indeed the case, Tim Copeman is in great historical company. Enjoying a fine afternoon…

Unwind with Lucah Sage

Lucah Sage

In this Internet age one thing that seems to have happened to humanity is that attention spans have shortened dramatically. We’re so busy trying to input as much data in as short a period of time as possible. Sometimes, however,…

Jannae Palovich

Jannae Palovich LED Hooping

Jannae Palovich of Rage Hoops spins a LED Hoop at the Columbia river waterfront in Vancouver, Washington. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cody Augustine. Cody says: “Jannae’s persona is incredibly free spirited, cheerful and full of light.…

Hoopjam in Portland with Hoopanista


Paige “Hoopanista” Tashner, the underemployed professional hula hooper behind HulaHoopla.com, takes us to a hoopjam to tell us about the wonderful world of hooping in her self-made documentary short. Paige explains, “There’s something about the circle and moving the circle…