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Jannae Palovich: Immersive Hoop Dance

Jannae Palovich Hooping videos have a knack for creating a domino effect. One hooper’s video will inspire another hooper to get out there and make one of their own. Jannae Palovich of Rage Hoops, inspired by a recent hooping video, gives in to both the music and the moment and gives us a mesmerizing performance and one very sweet tribute. She says “I was going to jam out to this the other day but got tied up and couldn’t make a video – then my fabulous hoop friend far far away posted a sick ass video of his dance…I wanted to feel like we were dancing together in spirit!” Jannae lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and her song of choice is the same as her inspiration – “Delamure” by Bassnectar from his new mixtape which you can download here.

Luna Breeze at Periplo

Luna BreezeIn this bite sized information world in which we live, we are sometimes given something that not only asks us to take our time, but rewards us in a way that can leave you feeling like your soul has just been given permission to fly when you do.
In this two part video Luna Breeze Blakeman of Dreamweaver Hoops performs at Periplo Movimiento Internacional de Circo in Guadalajara, Mexico, giving us two distinctly different and incredibly powerful performances. In the first segment she seamlessly weaves together elements of Native American hoop dance and circus style hooping, while in the second it’s just her, her hoop and a sparse drum score, fiercely dancing into the unexpected at nearly every transition. This is not bite sized information, this is a feast. Luna lives in Portland Oregon.

Tim Copeman: Forest Hoop

Tim Copeman: Forest Hoop It’s believed that in the early days of history in Greece and in Egypt that hoops were formed using tree branches and vines. If that is indeed the case, Tim Copeman is in great historical company. Enjoying a fine afternoon in the McKenzie River area of Oregon State with Christy Taylor, Tim found some fallen tree branches and formed them into a “forest hoop”. Not only did the hoop work, but a deer came out to watch his performance. Tim lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Memory Rain” by Keudo and you can get a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Kara Maria Ananda: Ten Year Hoopiversary

Kara Maria Ananda Kara Maria Ananda of Kara Maria Ananda.com celebrates her 10 Year Hoopiversary by spinning up something beautiful in her home, just the way she used to do back in the day when YouTube was new and she was part of the Hooping.org team. She says, “Hooping is a wonderful movement art that supports whole body health, fitness, and vitality and has been my favorite personal practice for a decade now!” Yay! And all of us here wish you the happiest of hoopiversaries. She lives in Ashland, Oregon, USA, and here she is hoop dancing to “Be the Lighthouse” by Aykanna and you can find more of their great music for yourself quite easily on iTunes.

Unwind with Lucah Sage

Lucah SageIn this Internet age one thing that seems to have happened to humanity is that attention spans have shortened dramatically. We’re so busy trying to input as much data in as short a period of time as possible. Sometimes, however, we’re gifted something that doesn’t care about that at all and not only manages to keep our attention for longer than three minutes, it reels us in, enthralling us over time as it does so. In this wonderful video by Susan Fan-Brown the lovely Lucah Sage hoop dances all of us into a serene place with her hoops and with nature, showing us that sometimes you just have to slow down and spend more time in the moment. Think of it as a hoop meditation exercise of the video variety. You’ll thank us for it. The most beautiful things in life should not be rushed. Lucah lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “I Giorni” by Ludovico Einaudi and you can get it on iTunes.

Hoopjam in Portland with Hoopanista

Hoopanista Paige “Hoopanista” Tashner, the underemployed professional hula hooper behind HulaHoopla.com, takes us to a hoopjam to tell us about the wonderful world of hooping in her self-made documentary short. Paige explains, “There’s something about the circle and moving the circle around your body, in any way you can think of, and just getting lost in that movement. You feel safe because you’re within these parameters and people cannot get inside those so it’s kind of a way if you’re feeling insecure to feel secure inside your hoop.” Later on we get to meet some of the other hoopers in her area as well. They all live in Portland, Oregon, USA. The beautiful music is “Build an Ark” by FitnessGlo and you can get it on iTunes.