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Jen Frise

LED Hooping with Jen Frise

Jen Frise makes her hooping.org debut in a sweet and often slow motion video that spins pretty lights from her LED hoop bright out in the street at dusk, as well as after dark....

Madam Groove

Hooping For Nerves

Kate Zaborska is combating her pre-job interview jitters with a special hooping session to get her back in the center of her own rotation. She says, “I was getting nervous about this interview, so...


Ileana Grgic

Ileana Grgic recently hooped it up in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and her photographer sister of Creative Sparkes was there to capture it beautifully. Ileana lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Vicky Sammut

Hoopy Holidays with Vicky Sammut

‘Tis the season to jingle your bells, put on some warm gloves, and get your hoop dance on outside to some festive holiday music, just like Vicky Sammut is doing in this cheerfully fun...

Princess Isabella Hoops

Princess Isabella Hoops

With all of the excitement about the new royal baby, we’re pretty excited about the new demo video from Princess Isabella Hoops of Isabella Hoops Entertainment. It totally rocks! She’s got hoop skills, charm,...

A Tribe Called Red Feat

A Tribe Called Red on Studio Q

A Tribe Called Red combine instrumental dance music with First Nations sounds for a new music genre they like to call “Pow Wow Step” and they recently received their 2nd Polaris Music Award long...

Osoyoo Hoops

Osoyoos Welcomes You With Hooping

Sadie Spins of Well Rounded Hoops recently visited Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada, the dryest and warmest spot in Canada that is also well known for it’s vineyards and what did she find greeting her...

Mo Bot

Mo Bot

Mo Bot was having such a great time hooping that she figured she’d share a little slice of her jam session, and we’re really glad that she did because we had such a great...

Tara Hoops

Tara Hoops

One of the truly wonderful gifts of the hoop is how it aids in the healing of the human spirit. Once the spinning starts the cares of the world often seem to melt away...

Snowblink: Inner Mini-Mississipppi

Snowblink: Inner Mini-Mississipppi

We love this! It’s the brand new music video from Snowblink for their single “Inner Mini-Mississippi” from their latest release “Inner Classics”. Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman, who hail from California and Canada, make...

Sadie Spins

Sadie Spins

Sadie Spins, aka Sadie Yancey of Well Rounded Hoops, spins a hoop on her shoulders during a hoop jam in Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photo courtesy of The...