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Hooping On Ice

Hooping On Ice Anna Barnhart is giving all of us the chills! How come? It’s not only because we love watching her hoop dance moves here, but also because she is hooping it up on top of a frozen lake. Shot in black and white on a crisp and sunny day, the imagery here is incredibly striking. Are those dark spots on the left foot shaped holes in the ice? The soundtrack for her hoop dance is “What I Got” and it’s by Sublime and you can pick up a copy of it for yourself on iTunes. Anna lives in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Hula Hoop Lincoln Spins Up Nebraska

Hula HooperHula hooping has exploded in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Erin McMorrow and Corrine Watson remember the exact day they each started hula hooping. For Watson, it was May 28, 2009, while McMorrow started on July 26, 2009, after receiving her first hoop for her birthday. “It’s addictive,” Watson said. “When there’s a hoop around, I can’t just let it sit.” McMorrow agreed. “It’s the best party favor to bring to a party,” she said. “Everyone wants to try it. McMorrow and Watson are members of Hula Hoop Lincoln, a community of hoopers who get together once or twice a week to practice, learn new tricks and exercise. McMorrow was inspired to start the group about a year ago after participating in OmaHoop, the larger hooping group in Omaha, Nebraska. Full story: Star City Blog