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Off Body Pop In with Deanne Love


Deanne Love of Hooplovers returns with another superb tutorial, this time teaching hoopers how to master an off body pop in combination – in Bali! The Sacred Circularities retreat sure provides a breathtaking backdrop for learning. As she demonstrates the stellar combo, she explains that “often we just kind of change the direction of the hoop just by squeezing…. but a pop in makes [it] really extravagant”. So true, Deanne Love! We love seeing how creative hoopers can get with transitions and combinations to make their dance unique. Sharing these unique moves provides the opportunity for us to get more comfortable with turning hooping into hoop dancing. She lives and teaches in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Right Brain vs Left Brain Hooping

Good Luck Charlie [Hooping.org’s Editor Philo Hagen gets thinking about how we think.]

by Philo Hagen

A quite proficient long-time hooping instructor and I were recently talking about a new student of hers that she was finding to be quite challenging. “My new students wants everything explained to them in the most minute sequential detail,” she explained, adding, “It’s driving me nuts. And as soon as they’ve achieved a new move even just one time they immediately want me to teach the move that comes after that. There isn’t a proper order to learning hooping, is there? And when I don’t have everything broken down enough for them verbally she just rolls her eyes at me. I really don’t know what to do.” I asked her some more questions and we talked some more about it. Ultimately we were able to come to the same conclusion. This was yet another one of those Right Brain Hooping vs Left Brain Hooping scenarios.

Scientists have been telling us for quite some now that we don’t all use our brains in the same way at all. In fact there is a hemispheric division in the brain itself between the left side and the right, and while there are those that seem to navigate both sides relatively effectively, most people tend to “function” in their lives using one side more than the other – or should I say we each prefer one mode or side over the other. Them scientific types have shown to us via experimentation that the two different sides of the brain are also responsible for different manners of thinking. So again, while some are equally adept at getting through the day utilizing both modes, generally speaking we tend to either favor left-brain thinking or right-brain thinking. The left-brain is all about logic, analysis, precision, accuracy. It’s objective. It views the world from the outside. Right-brainers, however, have a different focal viewpoint that zooms in on the aesthetics, feelings, intuition, creativity. The right brain is subjective. It’s on the inside looking out.

Hooping Tutorials: Anti-Spin Flowers and Linear Isolations

We recently had Katie Emmitt of KatieEmmitt.com teaching us the Yo Yo Bouncing Cat Eye Isolation. Today she continues with more techniques for hooping off body starting with the Anti-Spin Flower. She explains, “I realize that I emphasize the triangle, but really try squares, diamonds, pentagrams, hexagons, you know whatever! I like squares, diamonds and triangles the best.” From here we then move into part 2 and part 3 below where she instructs us on linear isolations and extended linear isolations. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.