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London Flow- Ninja Hoops 2013

ninja hoops Who needs ninja stars when you have Ninja Hoops?!  Zach Fischer and Marria Grace  of Ninja Hoops strike again with their recent video showing off some updated skills.  If you move quickly (you know, like a ninja!), you may still be able to catch one of their workshops on their recent tour to learn some of these moves yourself.  Zach and Marria live in Oakland, California, USA, (though this was filmed in London) and the soundtrack is “Mystery Dot” by MartyParty.

Brecken Rivara: Floored

Brecken Rivara: Floored Sometimes when we hear a great song and we have our hoop we really want to get down, but not everybody gets down the way Brecken Rivara does. She gets down even further than some of us are willing to go, all the way down to the floor. Brecken, who keeps adding a seemingly endless stream of new and innovative moves to her already amazing repertoire, shares her floor hooping with us here, very ably demonstrating that at any level her hoop is in good hands, feet and spirit. Video filmed and edited by Kyle Johnson, she lives in Oakland, California, USA, and her soundtrack is “Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix)” which is available to download on Soundcloud.

Tiana Zoumer: Shifted Perspective

Tiana Zoumer Shifting one’s view of things can utterly change one’s perspective both physically and spiritually. Something we may have seen a thousand times before suddenly becomes a whole new thing. A slight change of angles can shed new light on something we may have previously taken for granted. Tiana Zoumer demonstrates this perfectly as she captures her dance from a new height, breathing new life into her already captivating hoop dance. As she says, “In limited space to express myself I like to adapt and explore. This was a double limitation almost, the angle and depth of the camera plus the already small space to work in. I think the effort yielded at least some beautiful shots.” We think so too. Tiana lives in Oakland, California, USA, and her soundtrack is “7 Years of Bad Luck for Fun” by The Gaslamp Killer on iTunes.

Marria Grace Kee: Shape Shifting

Marria GraceMarria Grace steps into her own spotlight for a change and becomes a shape shifter, or so we might be led to believe by the title of her awesome new solo video. Normally part of the two hooper Ninja Hoops team, her “Shape Shifting” video is chock full of hooping goodness that doesn’t just taste good, it’s good for you! We head into the woods to find her spinning up some incredible hoop skills with even a dash of acrobatics, unexpected directional changes (say what?) and some totally sick neck hooping lower leg reversals that we had to watch several times to take in. She lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Digital Liberation is Mad Free” by Grizmatik.

Tiana Zoumer: Radioactive

Tiana Zoumer You know the hours of practice pay off when an improvisational hooping session has all the hallmarks of something already beautifully written, so complete and natural feeling that it’s hard to believe it is indeed off the cuff. Our 2013 Female Hooper of the Year Award winner Tiana Zoumer says, “I have heard this song a few times and decided to have a ‘let it go flow’ to it. I didn’t choreograph and this is the first time I’ve hooped to it. I find the tension and anxiety available from an unexplored moment so enlivening and infinitely available.” Tiana lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, which is available on iTunes.

Mary Jane Schroeder

Mary Jane Schroeder When it comes to hoopers who spin up things physically that most of us wouldn’t even think about, much less attempt, Mary Jane Schroeder has been steadily rising to the forefront in recent years. With very little on video as well she’s remained mostly out of the hooping limelight she so rightfully could be spinning in, but we’re predicting 2013 is going to be a big year for her, starting with this quick little showcase we just dare you to watch and try not to react to. Mary Jane’s acrobatically inclined ninja hoop skills and athleticism may leave you breathless. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. We we’ren’t able to figure out the name of her soundtrack. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Ryan Elwood: Ever On Going, Ever Up

Ryan Elwood In regards to the performance arts, there’s one thing that most people rarely get a chance to see – the work that the performer has put into their art. We see the end result – very rarely the creative process behind it. What Ryan Elwood gives us here is an almost ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of what she spins into her hoop dance calling this “a collection of some elements I’ve been working on, with and against.” The elements come together forming something that shines, sparkles and inspires. Ryan lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “Safari Disco Club (Shoes Remix)” by Yelle and it’s available on iTunes. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.