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London Flow- Ninja Hoops 2013

ninja hoops

Who needs ninja stars when you have Ninja Hoops?!  Zach Fischer and Marria Grace  of Ninja Hoops strike again with their recent video showing off some updated skills.  If you move quickly (you know, like a ninja!), you may still be able to…

Brecken Rivara: Floored

Brecken Rivara: Floored

Sometimes when we hear a great song and we have our hoop we really want to get down, but not everybody gets down the way Brecken Rivara does. She gets down even further than some of us are willing to…

Tiana’s Light Trails

Tiana Zoumer

Our favorite Hoop Path 7 photo from the 7th annual gathering organized by Baxter, is this one of Tiana Zoumer amidst some very smooth light trails. “HP7: Sangha” was held in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA. Tiana lives in Oakland, California.…

Tiana Zoumer: Shifted Perspective

Tiana Zoumer

Shifting one’s view of things can utterly change one’s perspective both physically and spiritually. Something we may have seen a thousand times before suddenly becomes a whole new thing. A slight change of angles can shed new light on something…

Marria Grace Kee: Shape Shifting

Marria Grace

Marria Grace steps into her own spotlight for a change and becomes a shape shifter, or so we might be led to believe by the title of her awesome new solo video. Normally part of the two hooper Ninja Hoops…

Tiana Zoumer: Radioactive

You know the hours of practice pay off when an improvisational hooping session has all the hallmarks of something already beautifully written, so complete and natural feeling that it’s hard to believe it is indeed off the cuff. Our 2013…

Satise Dizon

Satise Dizon shines inside her hoop at the Sacred Circularities retreat in Bali. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.