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Nose Hooping Combos with Alexandria Truex

Nose HoopingAlexandria Truex of Dutruex Hoops really has a nose for hooping and in this badass little video she’s taking nose hooping – or nooping if you prefer – to whole new levels. Working a little nose spin action into a variety of combinations, we’re pretty sure you’re going to be as enthused and excited about this one as we all are. Wow! Alexandria currently lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Perijove” by Major Tom and the Pecos Planetary Orchestra and you can get a copy of it over on iTunes.

Hooping Tutorials: Nooping

Caterina Suttin is here with a tutorial on “Nooping”, otherwise known as hooping with your nose. We suggest using a smaller, lighter hoop for this one. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA. Soundtrack: “Three Worlds” by John de Kadt (on…