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London Flow- Ninja Hoops 2013

Who needs ninja stars when you have Ninja Hoops?!  Zach Fischer and Marria Grace  of Ninja Hoops strike again with their recent video showing off some updated skills.  If you move quickly (you know, like a ninja!), you…

Del Rey Elementary School Sets a New World Record

Yesterday Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda, California, set a new Guiness World Record. With 402 students participating in a five minute hula hoop workout, they smashed the previous record set by 290 students in…

Tiana Zoumer at World Hoop Day Bay Area

This year World Hoop Day is celebrated on Wednesday, December 12, just one more day away. What are you doing to celebrate? Bay Area Hoopers got a jump start on WHD this year with the…

Hooping Tutorials: 4 Petal Anti Spin Flower

Cassie McKenney teaches us how to do a 4 petal anti spin flower with one hoop and then two minis. She lives in Oakland, California, USA.

RaeLuv: The Art of Hooping

RaeLuv, aka Raedin Bailey, hoops it up in this awesome video by Peyton Peltier. They’re from Redding, California, USA, where this was filmed. Soundtrack by Vokab Kompany (on iTunes). A Hooping.org Video of the Day.