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Sunset Hoop Dance with Grace Raven

Grace Raven of hoopgrace.com gives us a taste of her phenomenal hoop dance with a breathtaking sunset as her backdrop. Her mysterious silhouette against the radiant skies left all of us completely captivated. Originally...

New Zealand Hoopfest

Double Decker Hooping

At New Zealand Hoopfest this year Kay Dent of Pink Hoops was spotted spinning it up atop Kathryn “Ryn” Alynalyn. A super fun shot taken by Natasha “Harlow” Halliday from this photo set. Kay...


New Zealand Hoopfest

Quatrina Kellie and David Chi Gell let it roll at the New Zealand Hoopfest. The event was held March 28th-30th in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by French Shee Fire-Dance.

Kay Dent

Kay Dent at Splore 2014

Kay Dent of Pink Hoops spins it up on her foot at Splore 2014, held at Tapapakanga Regional Park. She’s currently living in Waiatarua, New Zealand and she’ll be teaching at New Zealand Hoopfest....

Share the Hoop Love with Richie

Share the Hoop Love with Richie Isaacs

The biggest ambassador of hoop love in New Zealand, and ranking pretty high up there on the world map as well, is a rather funny gentleman who goes by the name of Richie Isaacs....


The Headscalator

Richie Isaac is celebrating his third hoopiversary today and he really used his head to make this tutorial, which puts a new spin on a classic move, literally! Check out the latest from one of Hooping.org’s Video Editors, where he...

Hooping at the Ship's Graveyard

Hooping at the Ship’s Graveyard

http://youtu.be/ufYyqGhQQ-k Let’s face it, when it’s the middle of winter there’s only one thing that a hooper does when gifted a bonus sunny day. We go out and hoop in it. Indeed making the...

Minnie Maniac

Minnie Maniac

One of the coolest things about hooping is how hoops can be completely different things in different hands of different performers. What is a means to spin for one becomes a delightful comedy prop...

Harlow: White Daisies

Harlow: White Daisies

Pulling up your roots and relocating is rarely an easy choice to make. To leave your familiar surroundings, friends, feline and haunts has to be one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes...