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The One Eyed Jacks Spin Taranaki

The One Eyed Jacks Spin Taranaki

by Carly Palmer Taranaki is the home of New Zealand band The One Eyed Jacks and it is also the name of the new single and music video they recently released from their upcoming album. In the video, the band members…

The Headscalator


Richie Isaac is celebrating his third hoopiversary today and he really used his head to make this tutorial, which puts a new spin on a classic move, literally! Check out the latest from one of Hooping.org’s Video Editors, where he teaches us all a new “fandangled”…

Hooping at the Ship’s Graveyard

Hooping at the Ship's Graveyard

http://youtu.be/ufYyqGhQQ-k Let’s face it, when it’s the middle of winter there’s only one thing that a hooper does when gifted a bonus sunny day. We go out and hoop in it. Indeed making the most of the sun during her…

New Zealand Hoopfest Spins It Up

[Guest blogger Anne-Marie Emerson gives us the hoop scoop on the New Zealand Hoopfest/a>] by Anne-Marie Emerson The New Zealand hooping community came together for the second annual New Zealand HoopFest, held in the beautiful setting that is the Brookfields…

Lisa Lü

Beauty meets ninja when Lisa Lü spins up some magic in preparation for a World Hoop Day Extravaganza in New Zealand on December 15th. This is Lisa’s first presentation of her solo hoop performance which was recently filmed in Tranemo,…

Richie Hoopspinner Isaacs

Reading a book has never been so fun. Hooping.org’s visual editor Richie “Hoopspinner” Isaacs reads his favorite book while spinning the hoop. We love it! He lives in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Toni Smith

Toni Smith, aka Minnie Maniac, hoops at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She’s from Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo by Arda Ozum. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.