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Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky of Elemental Motion Hoop Dance by Indigo Sky spins a hula hoop around her knee in a cool red costume. Love it! She lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Hoop You Are with Dia Seskin

Dia Seskin spins up some fun in the sun in a beautiful place in this cool new video, while her friends try spinning up some vapor rings. The video was filmed and produced by...


A Hoop Dance and Dancing Daydream

Kyla Ernst-Alper is dancing in the park while Meladonna is impressing us with her hooping in this slow motion slice of beautiful movement entitled “Daydream.” In their hooping.org debut, the pair express themselves through...


Hula Hoop Waterskiing with Jackie Nixon

Here’s something we’ve honestly never seen before. Jackie Nixon of Hoops by Hulacat steps things up a notch as she brings her hoop with her on a water skiing adventure. Between the powerful wind...

RK Spinburne

RK Spinburne Spins the Purple!

RK Spinburne spins up the purple at Ziggy Stardust night at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco party in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Photo by Lola Star.


Lauren Frisina and the Mystery Hoop

As Lauren Frisina’s hair swirls, a mysterious hoop appears behind her at the Great South Bay Music Festival, held at Shorefront Park in Patchogue, New York, USA. The hoop is actually hers, but we...

Izabelle Dean

Hoop Dancing with Izabelle Dean

Izabelle Dean of Pixie Tails Performance is back with a hoop dance that left us in awe of her awesome skills and presence yet again. She throws in some unique moves too, like that...


The Hooping Dead with Erlin van Hog

It’s October and you know what that means. Things are going to be getting a spookier and Erlin van Hog makes her undead Hooping.org debut in style. With the season premiere of The Walking...

Cadence Clare Feeley

Cadence Clare Feeley

Cadence Clare Feeley of Cadencia Photography spins her hoop against the cloudy sky in Brooklyn, New York. A beautiful black and white shot taken by photographer Eraj Asadi. Love it! She lives in Haiku,...

Kristin Damstetter

Hooping with Tokyo Sunshine

Tokyo Sunshine, aka Kristin Damstetter, spins a hula hoop at the park. She lives in Buffalo, New York, USA. Photo courtesy of Charles Lewis / Buffalo News.