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Introducing Miss Fly Hips

Miss Fly Hips Hooping

Miss Fly Hips, aka Karlie Dean, spins up some impressive twin fire hooping action and packs quite the introductory punch into less than two minutes.

Xander Nixon

Xander Nixon

Xander Nixon spins it up during the Axis Mundi event at NYC*Gratitude in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Photo by Thomas Egan Photography.

The Knee Hook Jump Through with Lauryn Yovino

Lauryn Yovino Hooping Lauryn Yovino of Snowflake Hoops Inc. makes her hooping.org debut with this fun tutorial. She’s here to teach all of us a move that she is calling the “Knee Hook Jump Through”. Lauryn shows us two different variations on it too, one that is more basic that is good for even those just starting out, and the other is more advanced so you’re sure to spin up something fun with this trick at any level. Maybe you can come up with a few variations of your own as well. Lauryn lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.