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Rager Rabbit Hooping at Farm Fest 2014

Rager Rabbit of Rager Rabbit Hoops cultivates some hoop love at Farm Fest 2014 in Vernon, New Jersey. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Kathryn Rose Korcz of Faces of Festivals.

Izabelle Dean

Hoop Dancing with Izabelle Dean

Izabelle Dean of Pixie Tails Performance is back with a hoop dance that left us in awe of her awesome skills and presence yet again. She throws in some unique moves too, like that...

Dayna Fisher

Festival Hooping with Dayna Fisher

Dayna Fisher of Hoops, I Did It Again is hooping at the Hollystock Music and Arts Festival in Mount Holly, New Jersey, USA. Photo by Matt Soult of Soult Studios Photography.

Stevie McDole Hula Hoops Street Art

Junk Spot Spin with Stevie McDole

We love this video of Stevie McDole hooping in an abandoned building by day and spinning up some beautiful fire hooping by night. She says, “They were knocking down the building with all the...


Street Hooping with Anna O’Connor

Pretty in pink, Anna O’Connor gives us a great street-view show of her hooping style. With fast paced dance moves to an extremely fun song, she spins dizzying circles, does a hand stand, demonstrates...

Hoops I Did It Again

Have Fun Hooping!

Have fun hooping! Dayna Fisher of Hoops, I Did It Again Hoops and her friend Adrienne Southrey are having fun hooping it up at sunset. They live in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, USA. Photo...

Mike Rouse Hooping

Hoop Dancing with Mike Raus

Has life been weird for you lately? Then, meet Mike Raus. It’s his first time being featured on Hooping.org and he’s full of flow, no matter what’s going on. He says, “The past few days have...

Jerry Bones Hooping Outside

Jerry Bones Gets Hooping Outside

Jerry Bones of Handmade Hula Hoops and Fire Hoops, otherwise known as Jerry Weingart, is one crazy fast-paced hooping ninja that’s super fun to watch. Watch for his foot spin toss back roll while...

Anna O'Connor

Anna O’Connor

Anna O’Connor keeps things moving in her hooping.org debut, and does so with some serious speed. She tosses her hoop high on a sunny day and spins up something fun to watch that adds...

Will Wymer

Will Wymer

Will Wymer’s first video, and subsequently his hooping.org debut, is a winner chock full of clean lines and most excellent moves to the music. And get this, he was “super sick” when he was...