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Ashley May’s Impressive Hooping.org Debut

ashleymayhooping Making her hooping.org debut, Ashley May is one to watch as she brings us along on a hoop journey to a meadow in the woods. Her fast paced and exuberant flow captivates in this spectacular piece by Jacob Moss, filmed on location at Foss Farms in Durham, New Hampshire. They live in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA, and the soundtrack is called “Ghostwriter” by RJD2 and you can add it to your music collection on iTunes.

World Hoop Day 2014: Part 2

worldhoopday2014 by Philo Hagen

World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this earlier this month in cities and towns all around the world. If you missed Part 1 of our World Hoop Day coverage, hoopers gathered on the first Saturday of October in support of world peace and raised funds to help gift more hoops to needy kids around the globe. On six continents and in over 125 locations world wide, a diverse roster of World Hoop Day celebrations took place. There were community hoop jams, performance showcases, daytime events, flash mobs, big crowds, rural solo celebrations, fire hoop extravaganzas and a whole lot more. So let’s take a closer look at more of the coolest stuff that happened for World Hoop Day this year.

Let’s Make Hula Hoops with Julie DeGalan

Julie DeGalan Julie DeGalan may be the Director of Development at Speare Memorial Hospital, but she’s quite likely known as “The Hoop Lady” in other parts of her life. Here we find those two worlds converging as she takes time out at work to teach us how to make and design our own hoops, and does so with the hospital’s seal of approval. After all, as Julie says, “It’s great fun and a great way to exercise.” She’s completely adorable too so even if you already know how to make hoops you’re bound to enjoy this. Speare Memorial Hospital and Julie DeGalan are both located in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA.

One Year Hoopiversary with Angela O’Keefe

Angela O'Keefe Angela O’Keefe of Angeliis Hoops took the 30/30 Challenge last year when she was new to hooping and what a hoppy new year she ended up having as a result! She learned a very important lesson too – dropping the hoop means you’re growing! She says, “I compiled all my progress this year into one video with blooper footage. I became totally hooked after joining the 2013 Hooping.org 30/30 Challenge. I cracked up and had to laugh at myself at how serious I looked. I found that in trying to discover my own ‘flow’ I often had this seriousness about me. I used to be so self conscious about hooping in front of the mirror, but now I just don’t even care where I am or whose looking. I think that is one of the things that I love most about hooping. I have found out more about who I am and I am learning to enjoy being me. If I don’t hoop like all the other expert hoopers, oh well, at least I can find a place in the hoop that takes me into my own zone. This next year I plan on hooping even more!” She lives in Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA, and the soundtrack for this is pretty much all the hits of 2013 mixed into “Pop Danthology 2013″ by Daniel Kim, available for free download on Soundcloud.

Angela O’Keefe

Angela O'Keefe Angela O’Keefe of Angeliis Hoops spins it up in the gorgeous fall weather while hiking one of her favorite local trails, before doing some more hooping in Turntable Park with Robert, her amazing husband of 17 years. In fact, she dedicates this video to him on their 17th anniversary, thanking him “for putting up with my hooping insanity.” She also sums her video up well when she says, “Beautiful weather, gorgeous view.” Hooping has given Angela a sense of purpose and allowed her to connect with herself and her hoop better through self expression and we really enjoyed her hoop dancing. She lives in Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Higher” by Creed and you can get a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Angela O’Keefe

Angela O'Keefe Angela O’Keefe is growing and she’s spinning up beautiful things in a relatively short period of time. She picked up hooping just before Christmas and seven months later it’s all coming together. She told us, “Before hooping I had always felt as though I was the one who didn’t fit in anywhere and that someday I would find my niche in life; Now I am confident that hooping is my niche even though it took me all of my 45 years to find something that truly makes me feel wonderful inside and out.” She lives in Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA, and the soundtrack is “Beautiful Things” by Gungor and you can get it on iTunes.