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HoopCharmer: With Love from Burning Man

Are you getting excited for the Burn? HoopCharmer, otherwise known as Jennifer Quest, has attended Burning Man for the past eight years and she’s magnetic as she spins and weaves her way through Black...

Jessica Hooping

Hey Sailor, Wanna Hoop?

Hey Sailor, wanna hoop? Jessica Katharsys spins up some fun with her LED hoop in this fun shot by Paul Cory Photography. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Sabrina Russo Hooping

Sabrina Russo’s Hula Hoop Performance

Water and hula hoops aren’t two things we typically expect to go together, but with this truly splashtastic performance by Sabrina Russo of Cirque Dreams, we have to reconsider! Spinning up quite a show at...

Mary McMullen

Mary Mcmullen

Mary Mcmullen spins up some light at an abandoned water treatment plant in Lake Mead, Nevada, USA. She lives in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Photo by Jackson Gross.

Stephanie Payne

Sass Up Your New Year

When it comes to sassing up the new year and having a good time, we can all take lessons from the amazing Stephanie Payne. She says, “Look at how much damn fun I am...

Katya Fedunova

Katya Fedunova

The year is almost over and Katya Fedunova is turning back time, literally. Watch as she puts a new spin on her rhythmic gymnastic meets circus skills – backwards to be exact. Her flexibility,...

Steph Payne

Stephanie Payne Strikes Again

With summer ending and fall creeping its way around the corner, the weather has been perfect for hooping in typically hot places like Las Vegas! Stephanie Payne took advantage of one gorgeous day just like this in her recent...

Mackenzie Hooping at Burning Man

MacKenzie Hizon Hoops at Burning Man

MacKenzie Hizon spins her hoop at Burning Man 2013 in the Black Rock Desert, otherwise known as Black Rock City, Nevada, for one week a year. She lives in San Francisco, California, USA. Photo...

Burning Man Hula Cam

Burning Man Hula Cam 2013

Let’s head out to the playa at Burning Man 2013 to spin things up in the dust GoPro Hula-cam style! While unlikely to be the mega-viral hooping video that racked up more traffic last...

Tiana Zoumer at Burning Man

Tiana Zoumer Soars at Burning Man 2013

Tiana Zoumer soars to new heights in this gorgeous shot by photographer Julie Hanna, taken at Burning Man 2013 in Black Rock City, Nevada. Tiana lives in Oakland, California, USA.

Stephanie Payne Gets Down

Stephanie Payne Gets Down

You’d be hard pressed to find something sweeter than a story about reuniting with one’s true love. The only thing that could make that story even sweeter would be by adding some sass into...

Chelsea at Sunset

Chelsea at Sunset

Chelsea hoops at sunset during a weekend retreat in Reno, Nevada, USA. Photo by Austin Wallis. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.