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Eric Hernandez

Eric Hernandez

Eric Hernandez, hoop dancer for Cirque du Soleil’s Totem show, flies free with his hoops at the beach. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo by Daniel Fulloon.

Brian Hammill

Brian Hammill in Black Light

What happens when Native American hoop dance goes contemporary? Let’s find out because the sacred story of life has no beginning and it has no end. Using hoops to create various symbols and shapes...

Ryan Buffalo

Ryan Buffalo: The Spirit Within

Aboriginal hoop dancer Ryan Buffalo is the star performer in this stunning Bangtown Studios production that captures the spirit of traditional hoop dance. While the performance is breathtaking, what makes it even more special is...


James Jones: Hoop Dance

James “Caution” Jones performs a breathtaking hoop dance at Churchill Square in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for an event called “Cypher Wild”, which is held every Thursday. Mixing First Nations traditional hoop dance with hip...

A Tribe Called Red Feat

A Tribe Called Red on Studio Q

A Tribe Called Red combine instrumental dance music with First Nations sounds for a new music genre they like to call “Pow Wow Step” and they recently received their 2nd Polaris Music Award long...

Dallas Arcand

Dallas Arcand: Hoop Dance 101

Angelika Gawronski of Shaw TV in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, recently did a profile on Dallas Arcand, the three-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and she learned a lot about the nature and basics of aboriginal/native...

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan with Arvel Bird

One of the most fun times any performer can have on stage is when the choreography is put aside and the art of improvisation is embraced. Formality takes a back-seat as the performer brings...

Kristen Schoenknecht

Kristen Schoenknecht

Kristen Schoenknecht is a contemporary hip hop hoop dancer who was taught by World Champion Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand. She puts her own modern spin on the traditional here at the Gathering Our Voices...

Electric Hoop with Arik Pipestem

Electric Hoop with Arik Pipestem

In “Electric Hoop”, a documentary short by Ashley Bomberry and Mohsen Nazeri, the unexpectedly unique Erik “Arik” Pipestem describes his process of exploration on story telling through hoop dance. Fusing several traditional Native American pow wow...

Nakotah LaRance

Nakotah LaRance

Nakotah LaRance is a six-time World Hoop Dance Champion whose star has really risen performing not only with Cirque Du Soleil’s “Totem” show and elsewhere, but he truly captured the hearts of a whole...