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Maria Fawn Livingston Hoop Dances For Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada

Maria Fawn Livingston hooping Maria Fawn Livingston recently performed this stunning Aboriginal Hoop Dance as part of a panel discussion surrounding the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. 1,182 indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing in Canada since 1980. Her performance was filmed by Colby Stolson and it is a truly powerful performance. Maria dances with many hoops while helping to tell the story of these women. The soundtrack for this piece is the live drumming and singing of Leland English and Wacey English.

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day with Tyrese and Kailayne Jensen

jensensens Hooping.org is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day today and Tyrese Jensen and Kailayne Jensen of YellowHouse Dancers’ hoop dance configurations not only preserve their Native American tradition and culture through song, music, and dance, these two are amazing to watch. The brother and sister duo execute various formations with exciting confidence and clarity and they split their time between Mesa, Arizona, during the school year, and Dilkon, Arizona, USA, on the Navajo reservation. They’re dancing to the rhythm and tempo of traditional music performed lived.

Derrick Suwaima Davis Wins 7th Unprecedented World Hoop Dance Champion Title

Derrick Suwaima Davis The 24th Annual Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest recently took place again in Phoenix, Arizona, and hoop dancers came from all over the United States and Canada made their way to compete for the ultimate title of becoming World Hoop Dance Champion. The two-day event featured 64 competitors and more than 3,500 were present for the competition at the museum’s Scott L. Libby Jr. Amphitheater. It’s a pretty big deal not only to receive the highest honor from your community and peers, but the first place prize also comes with a $3,500 cash award and this year that incredible honor went for an unprecedented 7th time to Derrick Suwaima Davis (Hopi/Choctaw)! He returned to Phoenix and hoop danced his way into the winner’s circle all over again. Check out his award winning hoop dance performance below:

With a score of 234 points our of a possible 250, Davis came in fourteen points ahead of the amazingly talented Tony Duncan (220 points), who earned the World Champion title himself back in 2011.

3rd place went to Lane Jensen of Mesa, Arizona.

Nakotah LaRance, popular with Hooping.org readers, came in 4th this year. As for the Senior Division winner, that title went once again to the incomparable Brian Hammill. The Teen title was awarded to Talon Duncan, brother of Tony Duncan, and the youth title went to Jaron Yazzie of Farmington, New Mexico.

Totem’s Eric Hernandez on American Latino TV

Eric Hernandez performs in Totem Eric Hernandez, the amazing hoop dancer that is currently featured in the Cirque du Soleil show Totem, shares his love of hoop dance in this segment for American Latino TV. Eric, who is half Latino and half Native American says, “I’m in love with hoop dancing because it gives me the opportunity to share my culture, my Native American side.” His interest in this unique dance ceremony began at the age of 10 when he watched his uncle perform it. Now, years later, Eric is able to share this traditional dance with thousands every single night. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.