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Hoop Perspectives in India

Hoopgaga It’s safe bet to say that nearly all of us have seen a GoPro hooping video with a hoops-eye view of the world, where the hooper takes us on a dizzying journey through the rotation of it all. Well, this isn’t exactly one of those videos. In fact, it’s almost a polar opposite to the frenzied chaos of a camera on a hoop, something that’s a little more chilled. Leona Rodrigues of Hoopgaga slows it all down and parks her camera in a variety of prime positions to show off her hoop and hooping skills from some unique, interesting and very charming perspectives. She lives in lMumbai, Maharashtra, India, and her soundtrack for this video is “Les Jours Tristes” by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie soundtrack and it’s available on iTunes.


hoopnotism It’s time for some Hoopnotism that not only puts us under the spell of the hoop, it introduces us to Swati Swah and what is quite possibly the first real hoop dance business in India. While what is literally mesmerizing about this was done with the simple aid of a GoPro camera, thanks to brilliant editing by Anish Patel this is truly a delight to watch – so get Hoopnotized. Swati lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and the soundtrack for this is unknown.