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Mountain Hooping with Grace Raven

gracemountain Grace Raven of Hoopgrace is back with a beautiful hooping video featuring the mountaintops near Wanaka and Queenstown in New Zealand. This video was inspired from a dream about home and how her hoop had carried her there. Grace says, “It was one of the most euphoric, glorious dreams I’ve ever had. When I woke up, I was so sad that it wasn’t real.” Although Grace couldn’t fly back home with her hoop, she was still able to enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains with her hoops. She currently lives in Tauranga, New Zealand, and the soundtrack to this video is unknown to us, so if you know the name of the song, please leave the info in our comments below. Thanks!

Hooping at Bald Rock Dome with Bree Chun

BreeChun Making her hooping.org debut is the lovely Bree Chun who takes her hooping to higher elevations, sharing a sunny, sassy and reflective hoop session at Bald Rock Dome in Oroville, California. Filmed by Ras Smith and edited by Bree Chun, the end result here is simply beautiful. She currently lives in Chico, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)” by ODESZA and you can download your very own copy for your collection over on iTunes.

Mountain Top Hooping with Heather Mason

mountaintophooping Heather Mason shares the autumn beauty of her hometown, spinning things up on a mountain top in Cumberland, Maryland, USA. Her flow in this charming piece also documents her 40 minute hike to Lover’s Leap with boyfriend and videographer JP Roby, located on Wills Mountain on the northeast side of the Cumberland Narrows. The soundtrack is “Okayalright” by Moe and you can add it to your music collection over on iTunes.

A Dance for the WILDS with Shakti Sunfire

Shakti Sunfire Hoop dancer Shakti Sunfire never ceases to blow us away and her new video leaves us just short of speechless with it’s stunning beauty. Prepare to be captivated by her smooth moves in what she describes as a “ceremonial dance for the majesty of the mountains”. This was filmed in Aspen, Colorado, USA, by Wanderlust. Shakti lives in Santa Monica, California, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Awake” by Tycho. It’s available for you to download on iTunes.