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These Hooping Kids Are All Right

Cheerleader Hula Hooping Welcome to another special edition of The Quickies featuring the most adorable kids ever! YAY!

• We kick things off with someone’s little princess who is practicing for her school talent show. If only I had gotten the whole multi-tasking thing down when I was five-years-old: Hula-Hoop & Chicken Dance & Blowing Bubbles

• Now let’s pay a visit to West Buncombe Elementary School. Located outside Asheville, North Carolina, it’s worth a visit. After all, not every elementary school has it’s own hula hoop team: West Buncombe Elementary School Hula Hoop Team

• Kate Moore is an adult. She likes to travel and maintains an online travel diary of her journey. While traveling in the Ovorkhangai province of Mongolia, she points out, “Some games are popular everywhere” with great photographic evidence: Hoola Hoop: Mongolia

• Some adult hoop dancers have a hard time bringing the dance into their hoop dance, but this little Bollywood style hooper is already well on her way! Neha Vinjapuri’s Hoop Dance

• And in closing we have another princess for you, only this one seems to have her hooping sights set one day on cheerleading. Let’s hear it for hooping! Princess hula-hooping cheer