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Hooping at the Sunken Gardens with Julia Phillips

Julia Phillips spins up something enchanting in her hooping.org debut. Celebrating her second hoopiversary, she spins up some beautiful hooping at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln. She also adds some mini hooping and a...

Snake Hooper Lou Cat

Mini Hoop Belly Dance with Snake Hooper

Snake Hooper, otherwise known as Lou Cat of Lou-Cat.com, combines belly dance here with her love for mini hoops. Making her debut on Hooping.org with a mesmerizing video, she captivated us all with her...

Isopuppy Hooping

Mini Hoop Tech with Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer, aka Isopuppy, proves that even when she’s just practicing, she can still spin up something to blow us away. Serving a serious dose of mini hoop tech with a pair of yellow...

Ruckus Muckus

Hooping with Ruckus Muckus

Ruckus Muckus of Ruckus Muckus.com, otherwise known as Cathy Diebold, trained professionally in physical theater, mime, and clowning, and she uses that training to spin up her own fresh perspective on the art of...


Liz Ramsay

Liz Ramsay of Hoopix spins up her mini hoops on a photoshoot with Lanée Photography. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Allison Rae

Allison Rae Spins the Blues

Allison Rae spins the blues in her night time play with mini hoops taken at the Honolulu Fire Jam at Kaka’ako Waterfront Park. She lives in Hawaii Kai, Hawaii, USA. Photo by Tom Quach.

Mojo Hooping

Johannah Birney: Mission (I’m)possible

Every now and then someone cranks up the originality factor to overdrive. Johannah “Mojo” Birney of the spintastic Spiral Samurai troupe certainly ups the funk factor with this wonderful, quirky and totally fun video....

Hooping and Healing with Sue O’Rourke

Hooping and Healing with Sue O’Rourke

Sue O’Rourke of Joyful Hoops keeps on finding the hoop joy even after taking a spill down the stairs and breaking her leg. Even though she’s had to cancel some of her hooping classes...

Jenna Nordgren

Jenna Nordgren

Jenna Nordgren pulls out all the stops in this video that we’ve been waiting all year for. An Electric Forest Hoop Troupe finalist this summer, she totally wows audiences with her hip-hop inspired flow....

Hooping Tutorials: Split Time Reversed Anti-Spin Flowers

Hooping Tutorials: Split Time Reversed Anti-Spin Flowers

In part two of her flower series, Cassie is here to show us how to do split time opposite direction anti-spin flowers. It may sound like quite a mouthful, but it’s a beautiful mini hoop skill for those out there that are interested in mini hooping.