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Slackline Hooping with Luna Byrd

Luna Byrd is “Slacking Off” in this fantastic video of her hooping and slacklining. Balancing on one foot much of the time, we get to see her try and try again, all the while...

Grace Alexander

Unicycle Hooping With Grace Alexander

Grace Alexander really spins it up quite literally, doing so while unicycling and hooping at the same time! Starting out with some fun unicycle tricks, the performance quickly unfolds into amazement as Grace hoops...

Sitara Bird

Hooping with Sitara Bird

Sitara Bird of Free Spirit Hoops spins up some beautiful hoop joy at Belle Isle Park. She lives in Ferndale, Michigan, USA. Photo by Andrew Potter Photography.

Luna Byrd hooping

Foot Hooping Acrobatics with Luna Byrd

It looks like Luna Byrd has been hard at work learning some pretty crazy acrobatic foot-hooping tricks, at least based on this stop motion video of her nonchalantly blowing our minds in a driveway....

Jen Spiece

Jennifer Spiece’s 2nd Hoopiversary

Jen Spiece of the IMAJENation Hoop Revival spins her hoop against a cloudy sky on her 2nd hoopiversary. She says, “Been hooping for 2 years now. I am just over 40 and feeling younger.”...

Electric Forest Hoop Troupe

Electric Forest Hoop Troupe Aftermovie

Festival season is in full swing and Morgan Jenkins of the Hooptown Hotties recaps her experience as part of the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe at the Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury, Michigan, USA....

Michigan Hoop Girls

The Michigan Hoop Girls

The Michigan Hoop Girls, otherwise known as Grace Alexander and Brenda Fage, have a new promo up that’s a lot of fun to watch. While they’re both quite talented in their own right, when...

EFHoopTroupe 2014sm

Electric Forest Hoop Troupe Casting Begins

It’s that time of year again hoopers! Casting for the 2014 Electric Forest Hoop Troupe, our Performance Group of the Year, has officially begun – and this year there’s another new spin on it....