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Slackline Hooping with Luna Byrd


Luna Byrd is “Slacking Off” in this fantastic video of her hooping and slacklining. Balancing on one foot much of the time, we get to see her try and try again, all the while sporting a great smile and her…

World Hoop Day 2014 (Part 1)


by Philo Hagen World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all around the world. Celebrated for the second time in it’s new timeslot, the first Saturday of October, hoopers all over this big blue marble…

Diane Marie Bannard Hula Hoops After America’s Got Talent

Diane Marie Hula Hoops Remember Diane Marie Bannard’s audition on America’s Got Talent? The judges unanimously kept her from moving forward, but she’s taking it all in stride. “I had a great experience with AGT,” she told us. “It was exciting and everyone was wonderful! Unfortunately I was intimidated performing in front of the celebrity judges. I received so many kind and encouraging comments though.” That’s why she’s still hula hooping. She says, “Whether you think my dance is funny or entertaining, I’m glad. I love to make people laugh. I dance through pain from injuries from a car wreck (that pull my head forward, and give me that funny awkward look), but I have fun anyway, and don’t think it should stop those of us who deal with pain or injuries.” She lives in Lansing, Michigan, USA, and if you missed her AGT audition you can watch it here.

Kaitlyn Morrin’s Inspirational Hula Hoop Performance Gets Standing Ovation

KaitlynMorrin Kaitlyn Morrin gets a standing ovation at her talent show performance during cheer camp at the Kalahari Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. Katlyn has Down’s syndrome, and she’s not letting it hold her back. With skillful moves, Kaitlyn displays determination and pure joy as she works the crowd with enthusiastic tricks including the splits and a series of duck outs. She lives in Eerie, Michigan, USA, and the music she is dancing to is “Roar” by Katy Perry, and you can get your own copy of it on iTunes.