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Paddles and Breaks with Cindy

Shucks Ducks Hooping

Earlier this week we shared an an advanced tutorial on this, but here is a really great no frills tutorial on the basics behind paddles and breaks for those who are just starting out or having trouble with them. Cindy,…

In Memory of Jessica Pintoski

Jessie Pintoski FEAT

Jessica Catherine Pintoski passed away this past weekend at the age of 22. We are truly honored to share with you her final hooping video and a couple others we enjoyed. She was and continues to be an inspiration to her…

Eris: Adventure Hooping

Eris Hooping

Teresa “Eris” Carbone takes us on a hooping adventure as she mesmerizes us with her twists, turns, and isolation’s through Hines Park in Plymouth, Michigan. One could easily imagine, however, this as a secret garden with hidden tunnels and mythical…

Hooping as a Meditation Tool

Hooping MED FEAT

by Bonnie MacDougall Why do you hoop? For fun, fitness or as a way to release your mind from everyday worries that hinder you from staying in the present moment? There is no right answer to this question. Over the…

Olive Marie at Hoopcamp 2013

Olive Marie

Olive Marie of Harmonic Hoops, Harmonic Threads and The Flow Fairies provides a stunning contemplation video of her performance at Hoopcamp 2013 in Watsonville, California. What remains is a sense of beauty, awe, and appreciation all spun up with a hoop,…

Mike Hayataka: The Toss Bounce Back Move

Mike Hayataka

Mike Hayataka thinks most hoopers have done this messing around or by accident, but having tuned into doing it with purpose, we think he’s perfecting the toss bounce back move. He’s been working on how he can incorporate it into…

Grace Alexander

Grace Alexander Hula Hoop

We love this rather surreal and somewhat spooky shot of Grace Alexander. Photo by Lens Instinct. Grace lives in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA.

Grace Alexander

Grace Alexander

Grace Alexander spins her hoop into a cool heart shaped pattern during a photo shoot! She lives in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. Photo by Stephanie Colasanti.