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Paddles and Breaks with Cindy

Shucks Ducks Hooping Earlier this week we shared an an advanced tutorial on this, but here is a really great no frills tutorial on the basics behind paddles and breaks for those who are just starting out or having trouble with them. Cindy, aka Shucks Ducks, is here to tell us all about it and she does a great job of describing the basic motions of paddles and breaks. As she puts it, “Your breaks just change the direction your hoop is going and your paddles help the break move along.” She even includes a few helpful tips like absorbing the shock from the hoop when you do a break and moving in the direction your hoop is going.  She lives in Macomb, Michigan, USA.

In Memory of Jessica Pintoski

Jessie Pintoski Jessica Catherine Pintoski passed away this past weekend at the age of 22. We are truly honored to share with you her final hooping video and a couple others we enjoyed. She was and continues to be an inspiration to her family, friends, and anyone else who’s life she touched along the way. An avid hooper, Jessie was introduced to the hoop by her best friend Cynthia Robarge. Cynthia told us, “She loved hooping, and it quickly became a huge part of who she was. We would practice for hours together, and it was always a huge bonding experience for us.” As for what happened, nobody is quite sure. “For the last few weeks she was arbitrarily losing consciousness,” Cynthia explained, adding, “The doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. Saturday night she was rushed to the hospital, but she had passed before EMS even got to her, and there was nothing they could do.”

Jessie had hoped to see a video of hers appear on hooping.org some day. Cynthia explained, “A few months ago one of my videos was featured on Hooping.org, and after that she submitted one of her own in hopes that hers might be shared as well. Wen it wasn’t she thought that it was because she wasn’t good enough, although I did try to assure her that you guys just get so many submissions that you couldn’t possibly use all of them on the site.” Jessie, on behalf of everyone here at Hooping.org, you were always more than good enough. You were a joy to watch.

Jessie lived in Shelby Township, Michigan, USA, and our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends. A Facebook page for donations has been set up with all proceeds going to helping with the arrangements, so please consider helping in the memory of one of our own if you are able. Her funeral will be held on Friday, November 22, 2013, at 7:00 pm at the A.H. Peters Funeral Home, 32000 Schoenherr Rd. at Masonic, in Warren, Michigan, USA.

Eris: Adventure Hooping

Eris Hooping Teresa “Eris” Carbone takes us on a hooping adventure as she mesmerizes us with her twists, turns, and isolation’s through Hines Park in Plymouth, Michigan. One could easily imagine, however, this as a secret garden with hidden tunnels and mythical creatures as she captures tree lined pathways and the serenity of the gently flowing river. She even does a little flow wandering mid-way, just to mix it up a bit. We’re sure the fairies loved it. Teresa is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and the soundtrack is “Smoke and Mirrors” by RJD2. You can download it on iTunes.

Biff Tannen: Sugar Skull featuring Mike Hayataka

Mike Hayataka Check out the new music video starring Mike Hayataka and his feline side kick! Spinning up his mad ninja hooping skills for several blocks and literally running while hooping at times – just to make things even more difficult – the video for “Sugar Skull” from Biff Tannen’s debut album Fluxin’ is a jaw dropping, hooping while traveling performance that’s not to be missed. Mike comes to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, where this was filmed by Kevin Budzynski. The soundtrack for this is, of course, “Sugar Skull” by Biff Tannen and you can buy the new album on iTunes.

Hooping as a Meditation Tool

Hooping Med by Bonnie MacDougall

Why do you hoop? For fun, fitness or as a way to release your mind from everyday worries that hinder you from staying in the present moment? There is no right answer to this question. Over the years I have found that at different times I have hooped for all of these reasons. In fact, sometimes all of them simultaneously. What keeps me coming back into the hoop, though, is the peace I encounter with each spin. For me it becomes a type of movement meditation unlike any I have experienced before. I become lost in the cradle of the hoop’s touch as it rolls around my body. My mind sinks into a place where there are no thoughts but the present moment. I am in a state of mindfulness throughout the hoop session, and feel refreshed and calm when I am done. Sure I have frustrating times within the hoop, but when my goal is meditation, the hoop works wonders as a tool for this end. So how can you find this tranquility in your hooping practice as well? Here are some tips:

Olive Marie at Hoopcamp 2013

Olive Marie Olive Marie of Harmonic Hoops, Harmonic Threads and The Flow Fairies provides a stunning contemplation video of her performance at Hoopcamp 2013 in Watsonville, California. What remains is a sense of beauty, awe, and appreciation all spun up with a hoop, on and off the stage, in the beautiful California redwoods. It’s a Hoop Camp Film by Idea Film Factory. Olive lives in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and the soundtrack to this beautiful video is the fast dance remix of the song “Believe” by Foundry and it is available Believe (Fast Distance Remix) - Trance Trip, Vol. 3" target="_blank">on iTunes.

Mridula Shanker’s New Hula Hoop World Record

Mridula Shanker Mridula Shanker, the nine-year-old who has set previous world records for hula hooping, has gone and done it again. Spinning her way in to the Guinness World Record book for a second time, the fourth grader from Northside Elementary School now has the most hula hoop rotations on the leg in the arabesque positions in one minute, spinning up a mind blowing 166 rotations. For those who may not be familiar, the arabesque pose is a ballet move in which one leg is off the ground and extended behind you. Mridula attempted the feat at school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, where her classmates gathered to watch.

Her other Guinness award is for the record number of hula hoop rotations around her waist while standing on one leg, spinning up 192 of them (Meet Mridula Shanker: Hula Hoop World Record Breaker). It was a record she achieved at the age of 7, though she beat her own record in January 2012 with 215 rotations in one minute. Mridula taught herself to hula hoop when she was six-years-old after watching videos online and this probably won’t be the last Guinness record for Mridula either. “She loves to beat them,” her father Shanker Kalyana-Sundaram told MLive.

For her next feat, Mridula is practicing holding one of her legs in the air above her head while spinning her hoop on her ankle, saying that she’ll be in shape to challenge a new record in that pose in about three months. How does she do it? She practices religiously: one hour every day. She’s also been teaching her four-year-old sister Shruthi Shanker how to hula hoop too. When asked if her younger sister would beat her Guinness records one day, Mridula just laughed. You migh also enjoy our post: Mridula Shanker: Hooping Star.

Mike Hayataka: The Toss Bounce Back Move

Mike Hayataka Mike Hayataka thinks most hoopers have done this messing around or by accident, but having tuned into doing it with purpose, we think he’s perfecting the toss bounce back move. He’s been working on how he can incorporate it into routines and move combos as well. The Toss Bounce Back move is just tossing your hoop up in the air with backspin, so that it bounces back at you when it hits the ground. Mike says, “It’s lots of fun, and you feel like a ninja!” He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and the soundtrack is “Imagine the Possibilities” by Paper Diamond and you can download it on Soundcloud.