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Linh Memory Pham at Return To Roots

Linh Memory Pham performs at the Return To Roots Hoop Gathering. The actual performance begins at the 1:00 mark. Video by Rhett Bice. The event was held at Vanderbeek Farm in the Pocono Mountains in Hawley, Pennsylvania. She lives in…

Hula Hooping Makes Us Smarter

[Hooping.org’s Editor Philo Hagen gets smarter with hooping.] by Philo Hagen We’d all like to improve and sharpen our memory, so what if aerobic exercise not only did that, but it actually preserved gray matter in the brain? And wouldn’t…

Memory Elena

Memory Elena hoops with a single hoop and win twins in this video that was recorded at the Vulcan Prop Box. She lives in San Francisco, California, USA. Soundtrack: “Antimatter” by Tricky (on iTunes).