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Kirsty Vis

Kirsty Vis

Kirsty Vis spins up two hula hoops during a park photoshoot. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo by Brendan Tonkin. .

Deanne Love

Deanne Love

Deanne Love of Hoop Lovers hoops up some love in this great shot by Masao Tamaoki. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Olivia Newton-John Hula Hoops

Olivia Newton John Hula Hooping FEAT

by Philo Hagen Great isn’t the only word, especially when you have Olivia Newton-John center circle. Hooping is the word as well and the English-born Australian singer, songwriter, and actress with four Grammy awards and five No. 1 singles to…

Off Body Pop In with Deanne Love


Deanne Love of Hooplovers returns with another superb tutorial, this time teaching hoopers how to master an off body pop in combination – in Bali! The Sacred Circularities retreat sure provides a breathtaking backdrop for learning. As she demonstrates the…

Twin Hoops 101

deanne twins

Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here with a tutorial for those of you just starting out with twin hoops. It’s very common for hoopers who are new to twins to wonder what they can do with their hoops before they…

Coral Jade: Portrait of a Hooper

Coral Jade

When you live in a society that is constantly telling us that we need to conform, that we need to work somewhere we’re not overly fond of working, and that we need to do this until the day we retire,…

Hooping Tutorials: Breaks and Reversals

 Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here to teach us her chest hooping version of breaks and reversals, two related techniques that were introduced to the modern hooping world by Jonathan Baxter of the Hoop Path. A common question is what…

Maddy Hoops: Oblivion

Just as there is an art to hooping, there’s an art to making a hooping video that stands out from the rest. Maddy Hoops, also known as Miss Tallulah, accomplishes just that as she serves up a tasty smorgasbord of…