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Michael Mickler’s Morning Hoop Dance Meditation Jam


michaelmickler Michael Mickler is a fan of starting his morning with a meditative hoop dance jam and we know first hand it’s a great way to start the day! Making his Hooping.org debut here too, he finds fabulous flow in his backyard and spins it up to something classic. He lives in Savannah, Georgia, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Get Ready” by The Temptations which you can purchase a copy of on iTunes.

Why I Love Hooping in Silence


by Clair Ching Silence does not seem to be common in my hooping circles. Defined as the lack of audible sound, or the presence of sounds of very low intensity, it is one of the key points of my hoop…

Hooping For Life

The Joy of Solitary Hoop Dance FEAT

by Flavie Steelandt I can’t remember if I played with a hula hoop as a child, but I tried hooping as an adult for the first time in July 2012. We had leased a home with our four children while…

Hooping For Nerves

Madam Groove

Kate Zaborska is combating her pre-job interview jitters with a special hooping session to get her back in the center of her own rotation. She says, “I was getting nervous about this interview, so I thought that instead of wasting…