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Summer Hooping with Nora Jenny and Kendall Meehl

tmp_15319-EarlySummerHooping-753928842 Teamwork at its best! Nora Jenny and Kendall Meehl come together for a super fun, harmonized hoop routine that, along with the beautiful wooded backdrop and sunny weather, truly captures the spirit of summer hooping. They both currently reside in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, and the soundtrack for this video is called “Pa’ Que Enamore” by Telmary Diaz & William Vivanco, and you can get your very own copy of it over on iTunes.

Little L’s Hula Hoop Performance

Little L hoopingThe Vegetable Circus is coming to town and Little L spins up an awesome circus hooping performance you won’t want to miss! Check her out as she uses four vegetable-green colored hula hoops to impress a super audience full of kids from a local school as part of a larger circus show that teaches kids to make healthy life choices. The Vegetable Circus travels around Massachusetts, North Carolina, Rhode Island and even California, so be sure to catch their show if you have the chance. Little L lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and the soundtrack is “Je M’amuse” by Caravan Palace and you can get it on iTunes.