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Hooping for Peace with Sheri Alice O’Brian

Sheri Alice O’Brian of Sheri Alice Performance Art from Hooping Idol 4 spins a hooping community message of peace. In “Imagine Peace: A Hoopers Message” she asks, “Can you imagine….a world of peace?” Yes...


Hooping with Little L Legume

Little L Legume of The Vegetable Circus spins up more than just her purple hoops. This beautiful photo was taken by Liam Carleton Photography. Little L lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Little L hooping

Little L’s Hula Hoop Performance

The Vegetable Circus is coming to town and Little L spins up an awesome circus hooping performance you won’t want to miss! Check her out as she uses four vegetable-green colored hula hoops to...

Sheri Alice Hooping

Sheri Alice Lights Up The Ruins

Sheri Alice O’Brian from Hooping Idol 4 spins up some one shoulder LED hooping at The Ruins at the Colosseum in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. She lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. A gorgeous...

Laura Orcutt

Laura Orc

Remember Laura Orc from our second season of Hooping Idol? Here she is looking simply stunning with her hoop in a very beautiful shot by Paul S. Robinson Photography. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts,...

Jennie Chenkin

Jennie Chenkin

Jennie Chenkin celebrates her first hoopiversary with a video that she made especially for the occasion, and can we just say that it’s really brilliantly edited? Well good, because I guess we just did!...

Cody Moongazer

Cody Moongazer

Cody MoonGazer spins it up in a snowstorm in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Photo by Diana Foof of Diana Rosa Fotography.

Rose Kreditor

Rose Kreditor

Rose Kreditor of the Boston University Hooping Project spins up something dreamy with her hoop dance at home. It’s the perfect thing for a little relaxing break so sit back and enjoy her beautiful...

erin samuelsen

Winter Hooping In The Berkshires

Erin Samuelsen managed to squeeze in some winter hooping time during a weekend visit to Western Massachussetts. We love the vibe of the winter white carpeting on the ground surrounded by the barren trees...

Jennie Chenkin Hooping

Body Love Through Flow

Here’s a motivational video made by hooper Jennie Chenkin who is really excited about this piece and she is dedicating her hoop dance and flow to anyone who has ever felt inadequate, ugly, fat...

Rose Kreditor

Hoop Dancing Renaissance Faire Style

Watch Rose Kreditor spin up a beautiful performance as picturesque as a scene from a movie. She has such enthusiastic energy and smiles galore that you can literally hear captivate the audience at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts,...

Boston University Hooping Project

Boston University Hooping Project

Boston University students Elizabeth Meyers (left), Emily Nicaise and Rose Kreditor of the BU Hooping Project are enjoying their hoops at Marsh Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The student meets every Friday for Spin...