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Monkey Crosses The Bridge with Richie Isaacs

Richie Issacs Hooping Richie Isaacs is here with a brand new tutorial and he’s going to be teaching all of us a little technique/move that he likes to call “Monkey Crosses The Bridge”. He says, “This simple yet fun technique is something I adapted from an old nunchuku move I used to do eons ago.” He’s right about it too, it’s not too difficult to learn regardless of your hooping level, and it is a lot of fun to play with as well. Go give it a spin for yourself! Richie lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Vertical Shoulder Hooping with Valdemar Skov

Valdemar Skov Hooping Valdemar Skov, otherwise known as Indy Woods, is here with his first tutorial and his first appearance on hooping.org. As he says, he’s going to be teaching us all “a few of the minor mysteries of vertical shoulder hooping explained through a cloud of blackflies. The hungry little buggers hadn’t quite reached life-threatening concentrations yet, and I survived to upload this video for you. Enjoy.” We’re grateful for his survival, and for this super helpful tutorial that’s perfect for those looking to do so some vertical spinning on the body. Indy lives in the great state of Maine, USA.

Rico Titou

Rico Titou

We haven’t seen Rico Titou of Hoopys on Hooping.org in quite awhile and we’ve really missed his own unique style of hoop dance a lot. Really cool skills, brilliant colors, gorgeous landscapes, his new demo takes us from the country…

Hoop Man Yuya Yamada

Hoop Man

If you don’t know Yuya Yamada, better known as Hoop Man in Japan and beyond, you need to give him your full attention because it’s not very often that we get to. His vertical head hooping alone is something we…