Tag: Male Hula Hoopers

Malcolm Love

Malcolm Love

Malcolm Love says “he’s just messing around”, but the flight of his blue LED hoop and energetic flow is captivating.  Here he is showing off his off-body groove and elbow tosses and even spins up doubles with a fabulous light…

Jake Hill

Something about Jake’s hooping makes me think of an illusionist at work. You can see his hands spinning up his hoop, but not all of it registers – it’s as though he is creating real magic. That is probably why…

Simon Tarrant: Sway with Me

Simon Tarrant is here to show us his unique blend of hoopdance and circus hooping. Simon regularly performs hula hooping, aerial acts, and clowning with Avalon circus in Newcastle. He also works as a Captain Starlight for the Starlight Foundation…

Mike Hayataka

Mike Hayataka aka That Hoop Guy shows us some gorgeous silhouette hooping at Look Out Hill. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Daniel von Feuer

Daniel von Feuer of Dragonfire sure has the moves, with and without fire. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. Soundtrack: “Handel’s Sarabade” by Maksim Mrvica (on iTunes). A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Arvind Hoops It Up

While Hooping.org is always scouting for hooping excellence, occasionally something crosses our path that simply captures our heart. Arvind was inspired earlier this year to start hooping having watched his daughter Sumit giving it a spin. Now he’s found a…