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Fire Hooping with Hyperspace Fire Arts

Hyperspace Fire Arts Hooping Let’s join Hyperspace Fire Arts on a journey through the hooping universe with their new demo video! It’s short, but sweet with heat and shows off some lovely lovely fire and LED hooping by Lindsay Nova Calvert, Justin Middlebrooks and Victoria Woods. Hyperspace is a performance art group based out of Columbus, Ohio, USA, who specialize in “elevation, illumination, and captivation through cirque-style dance.” The video was made by Thinking Eye Productions and their soundtrack for this is a track by Earthcry and you can check out their album on Bandcamp.

Floris Bro

Floris Here is an upbeat hooping video featuring Floris Bro, who is actually making his debut on Hooping.org this week. Part of Happy Hooping NL, it’s great to see a male hooper out there on the scene in The Netherlands. Check out his hooping skills as he spins his LED hoop to a fun swing version of Beyonce hit. We hope to see more of Floris in the future and he’s currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The soundtrack that he’s hooping to is “Crazy in Love” by Swing Republic and you can snag a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Xander: Legend of Zelda

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 5.21.01 PM If you’re any sort of video gaming fan then The Legend of Zelda series needs no introduction. If you’re not, well, the hero, Link, rushes off via a series of dungeons, puzzles, monsters and irritating faeries to rescue the princess Zelda. A lot. Thing is, although the series is named after her, she rarely gets screen time – so here to make things right is the very welcome return of Alexander “Xander” Nixon who, as Zelda, doesn’t need any old Link to save him. All that is needed is some hoops and a smile. The soundtrack is “Gerudo Valley” from the Legend of Zelda ’25th Anniversary Symphony” included in the game “Skyward Sword”. Xander lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day