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Vertical Shoulder Hooping with Valdemar Skov

Valdemar Skov Hooping Valdemar Skov, otherwise known as Indy Woods, is here with his first tutorial and his first appearance on hooping.org. As he says, he’s going to be teaching us all “a few of the minor mysteries of vertical shoulder hooping explained through a cloud of blackflies. The hungry little buggers hadn’t quite reached life-threatening concentrations yet, and I survived to upload this video for you. Enjoy.” We’re grateful for his survival, and for this super helpful tutorial that’s perfect for those looking to do so some vertical spinning on the body. Indy lives in the great state of Maine, USA.

Hooping with Megan Collopy

Megan Collopy Megan Collopy just made a new video showing off her skills “in the field”, as some would say, and from where we are sitting she’s spinning up some serious career advancement. With mad skills and a fast and frenetic flow, this rising star is a fun one to watch. She lives in Bangor, Maine, USA, and the song that she’s hooping to is called “Papaoutai” by Stromae. You can snag your own copy of it easily on iTunes.

Jazmin Jade

Jazmin Jade Jazmin Jade of Jazzy Hoops spins up some awesome hooping madness at dusk. Adorned with a wonderful outfit and surrounded by lush, beautiful scenery, Jazmin takes us on a journey through the darkening night with various hoops to match. In a video that was captured and produced by Ninja Penguin Films, you’ll be captivated by her smiles and charismatic hooping. Jazmin currently lives in Lebanon, Maine, USA, and the soundtrack to her hoop dance is called “Ebents Evolution: To the New” by Ebents Music. You can download a copy of it for your own on iTunes.

World Hoop Day Dance 2013

World Hoop Day Dance 2013 255 hoop dancers from 11 countries spun up 28 World Hoop Day performances, all brought together with choreography by Kristin “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri, and then merged by her into another exciting video of hoop dance unity from around the globe! Tink says, “Thanks to everyone who danced the WHD Dance choreography for 2013!” The participating cities that filmed their dance and got their video in on time this year include:

Asia & Oceania
1) Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 2) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 3) Shizuoka, Japan. 4) Tokyo, Japan.

5) Dublin, Ireland. 6) Lake Constance, Germany. 7) Manchester, England, UK. 8) Paris, France. 9) Reykjavik, Iceland. 10) Strasbourg, France. 11) Traun on Ödersee, Austria.

North America
12) Bath, Maine, USA. 13) Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 14) Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 15) Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 16) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 17) Huntingburg, Indiana, USA. 18) Mexico City, Distrito Federale, Mexico. 19) New Haven, Connecticut, USA. 20) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 21) New York, New York, USA. 22) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 23) Santa Cruz, California, USA. 24) Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. 25) Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

The soundtrack for the World Hoop Day Dance this year was “Cheesy Like That” by Mr Jennings. Big thanks to Tink for coordinating the project again this year, one that helps bring hoopers together from all over the world, and much applause to all who participated this year.

Sunset Hooping

Sunset Hooping Hooping has been known to give us a good feeling, and when it’s a beautiful day and the sun is setting and the noise and pace of the world is slowing down around us inside the circle and we find our center, it can be a really good feeling indeed. Spring has most definitely sprung! They live in Bangor, Maine, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Finally Moving” by Pretty Lights and you can score a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Karin de Wit: Island Blues

karin Normally when you think of the blues you think of maybe being a little down or feeling a little sad. This stunning location video, shot by none other than Hooping Mad’s own Kenna Hoops, may indeed have “blues” in the song title but there is absolutely nothing blue about this at all, apart from the sea and the skies that is. Fresh from teaching at Hoop Intensive, Karin de Wit lends her fluid and elegant hoop dance to this beautiful Pemaquid Point, Maine, location proving once again that hoopers do indeed find the most wonderful locations. She lives in Breda, The Netherlands, and her soundtrack is the very lovely “Koop Island Blues” by Koop, which is available on iTunes.