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Hooping with Megan Collopy

Megan Collopy

Megan Collopy just made a new video showing off her skills “in the field”, as some would say, and from where we are sitting she’s spinning up some serious career advancement. With mad skills and a fast and frenetic flow, this…

Seaside Rendezvous

Maria Randolph of HoopME! spins up something awesome with this, her first video. This seaside rendezvous was shot on location in Port Clyde, Maine, with guest stars David and Devi Randolph. They live in Maine. Video by Emma. Soundtrack: “Seaside…

Dark Shadows

Hooplana, aka Svetlana Biscornet of Hooplandia, hoops up a tribute to the old Dark Shadows show which was recently made into a film. She lives in Ogunquit, Maine.