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Five Reasons to Attend a Hoop Gathering This Year

rocks in a bowl [This week Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn gets into the Hooposophy of our hoop dreams.]

by Lara Eastburn

“This bowl is the community. This rock is you. When you feel supported by the community, put the rock in the bowl.”

These were the instructions I heard on a public radio spot the other day. They were given to a journalist visiting the spiritual retreat where her parents had met years ago. Now, the purpose of this exercise at an isolated hermetic retreat is lost on me, but I’d say that as a metaphor it’s got bigger problems than that. For one, how are you supposed to feel supported by a community before putting yourself in it? And yet, I wonder how many of us think this way, safely pocketing our “rocks” until we get an embossed invite from “community?”

As far as the hooping community goes – local, regional, global, online and in-person – we appear to have an abundance! Our community is made up of almost as many kind of folk as there are in the world. We find ourselves in more and more places every day. We watch and encourage one another through our online forums and videos across cultures and oceans. But each year, with increasing options and locations, we have the added opportunity to convene, collaborate, and commune at a major event tailored exactly to our interests and needs. It’s one of the fastest routes into head-on community involvement we have. Whether you’ve never been to one, have trouble justifying the expense, or are a bit intimidated by the whole idea, here are my top five reasons for attending a hoop gathering (or starting to plan one in your community!) this year.