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Hooping Tutorials: Vertical Head Neck Spin

Betty Lucas of Lucas Hooping is here to teach us a move she is calling the “Vertical Head Neck Spin”. It’s probably best to begin learning this one with a smaller, lighter hoop. Betty says, “The angle at which you set the hoop on your chest is key to this move. Over time you will figure out just the right spot to place the hoop on your chest, and the right amount of pressure to push the hoop toward your shoulder to spin it around your head.” She lives in Oakland, California, USA.

Hooping Tutorials: Butterfly

Betty Lucas of LucasHooping.com is here to teach us a move she calls the “Butterfly”. She explains, “It helps to know how to reverse the hoop from waist hooping, except that instead of reversing the hoop, you keep spinning in the same direction, and your forearms flip the hoop over your head.” It’s a fun way to get in and out of waist hooping. She lives in Oakland, California.