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Karis Hoops Up American Music Awards with Christina Aguilera

Karis Wilde helps Christina Aguilera down the stairs at the American music Awards

Karis with Christina Aguilera

Karis is one of the most accomplished hoopers on the planet having appeared in music videos with everyone from Pink to The Scissor Sisters. He’s spun his way into international ad campaigns, hooped the catwalk of fashion runways, and was even featured in The Hooping Life documentary film where his story is one of personal triumph.

Born in a small town in Mexico, and relocated to Los Angeles when he was just months old, gender bender Karis was the first boy at Chatsworth High School to attend his prom dressed in drag. One week out of high school he had already started his costume fabrication career as an Assistant Designer, making and designing garments for Marilyn Manson’s tour, Queens of the Stone Age, TLC, Ludacris, even Angelina Jolie. But somewhere along the way he picked up a hoop and in no time at all he had transported himself from behind the scenes to center stage, wowing audiences with his androgynous beauty and mad hoop skills. Having mesmerized Mutaytor audiences since 2003, Karis remains the crown jewel of Lucha VaVOOM and when we launched our first annual Hoopie Awards celebration years ago it was Karis who scored himself our very first Male Hooper of the Year award. And now he can add performing with Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards to his already impressive resume.

“They didn’t want any props on the stage,” he told Hooping.org. “My friend is a casting agent and they were looking for freaks and people with strong personalities for a performance with Christina, but they only wanted people, so the fact that I had my hula hoop wasn’t working in my favor. But once they saw the hoop and my look they changed their minds. They decided they wanted me on stage.”

Hooping Scene Burns Bright in Salt Lake City

Fire HoopingBryan Young writes, “Standing in the hoop, fire whirling all around her, controlling the hoop as though it were an extension of her own body, was Chelsea Bailey. In the time since that moment, I’ve gotten to know Chelsea and she’s gone a long way to teach me an appreciation of hooping I never thought possible. Today, the 29-year-old is part of the Salt Lake hooping scene called Hula Hoopology that you’ve no doubt seen just about everywhere. From marching in the Pride Parade to holding their weekly Hoop Jams in Liberty Park, they seem to have become ubiquitous.” The troop also includes Sarah “SarahLux” Hogan, Sarah “Lotus” Hurwitz, Virginia “The Gunslinger” Chandler, Rio Wimmer, Jazzy Bright and Heidi “Butterfly” Lynn. Young asked Hogan about the burst in popularity of hooping in Salt Lake City. She explained, “We have grown from 20 to nearly 100 people in attendance every week, and the growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down.” Full article includes lots of great photos.