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Hula Hooping at the Beach: 1960 Long Island NY

beachhooping1960 The vintage hula hoop revolution began in 1958, and this 1960 flashback video by David Haas contains rare footage of his family hula hooping on a Long Island beach in New York. David’s uncle, William “Buddy” Whitman Jr., filmed his friends having a fun day with a hula hoop. Many of William’s friends are eager to take a turn and David’s daughter, Anna Hass, sings the beautiful soundtrack in the background, inciting nostalgic memories of better times. This song in fact is called “Better Times” by Anna Hass and it can be downloaded on iTunes.

Full Moon Hooping with Abby Lane

Abby Lane Hooping Things are getting spooky around here! Abby Lane hoops by the light of the full moon in this hauntingly beautiful video by Bartholomew Schwarz at Under the Radar Studios. Abby has her fire hoop lit and puts a spin on Halloween spirits with some cool effects that really turned this into something magical. Abby comes to us from Montauk, New York, USA, and the soundtrack used here is called “She Was” by Seven Lions Featuring Birds of Paradise and it is available you to download She Was (feat. Birds of Paradise) - Days to Come - EP">on iTunes.

Hula Hoop Fitness with Heathen Benny


Heathen Benny Hello, lovelies. Benny Berrafato, otherwise known as Heathen Benny, is here to teach us a few things about hula hooping for fitness and it’s actually one of our favorite lessons in awhile. Why? Well, it’s not that everything he has to say is accurate, like his directions for how to choose the right size hoop simply do not work for lots of people. And it’s not that he even really has hooping for fitness down – in fact he’s a veritable novice. But in spite of these things we know that Benny likes to be happy and he made us a whole lot happier simply by watching this and we’re pretty sure he’ll do the same for a lot of you as well. He’s from Long Island, New York, USA.