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Bat Mitzvah Hooping

Bat Mitzvah Hooping Welcome to Taylor’s Bat Mitzah. Our entertainment for tonight will be the hoop dance stylings of the lovely and talented Jami Doria of Hip Mama Hula Hoops – who is in fact a very hip mother of two. After several years of only seeing herself as “mom” and “wife” she rediscovered her inner essence and regained her identity as a vibrant woman, uncovering her creative passions through the art of hoop dance. Now hooping is her vibrant life. She’s a full-time resident of Long Island’s East End community in New York and the soundtrack for this beautifully filmed video by Forte Productions is “Finally Moving” by Pretty Lights and it’s available on iTunes.

Long Island Hoops for Health

imageThe hooping bug has hit Long Island, New York  and the hoopers there are thrilled to talk about its health benefits.  Jami Goleski of Hip Mama Hula Hoops credits her hoop practice for her bounce back to shape after pregnancy.  Goleski told Long Island Newsday, “Finding hooping was the best thing that has happened to me since I became a mother. Hooping is what a person wants to make of it . . . It’s not structured like an aerobics class or any other fitness class that follows a structured routine with the sole purpose being strengthening muscles and losing weight.“ In Greenport, New York,  Rachel Reich, owner of Five Branches Wellness is happy to have a hooping class at her fitness center. Reich gives credence to the total body and mind benefits hooping offers, “You use the hoop on the body as well as off, so it’s really a full-body workout, strengthening deep core muscles as well as arms and legs. Hooping increases flexibility and balance, and has a positive effect on mood and self-esteem.”  And Reich personally vouches for the fitness advantages of hooping,  “After a few classes, I was already doing several techniques. I’ve noticed an increase in overall flexibility and sense of pride in being able to master new techniques.“

Diane Gunder Has Northern Long Island in a Spin

Diane Gunder

Diane Gunder (photo by by Lisa Finn)

Diane Gunder had never even touched a hula hoop until a year and a half ago. Then, one day, Gunder saw a Facebook post from her friend Jamie Doria about hooping and decided to give it a whirl. “I saw it and said, ‘Wow, I want to do that,'” according to the North Fork Patch. “I haven’t been able to put the hoop down since. I’m addicted. I found one of my passions in life!” For her, hooping is great for fitness as well. She explained, “It’s a great workout that strengthens the entire core and tones the whole body. When you’re moving with the hoops, it’s an intense cardio workout. You can burn up to 600 calories per hour in a low-impact workout. I’ve never felt better in my life.” She’s also got her Mom hooping now too. “My mom hoops for 40 minutes a day. She was having back problems, but now she’s able to bend and garden again.”