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Foot Hooping with BLAU

blau hooping BLAU stands for “Birte Lisa Ausgesprochen Unerwartet”- which means Birte and Lisa highly unexpected – and this super cool new video from this dynamic duo is unexpected indeed. Otherwise known as Birte Poi and Lisa Lü of New Hoop Art, they spin up some foot hooping and come at it from all sorts of directions and the end result is simply delightful. Check it out! They’re both currently living in Berlin, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is “Pray With Your Poi” by Papierdrache and you can find it on Soundcloud.

Emma Who and Lisa Lü

Emma Who and Lisa Lu Here we find Emma Who and Lisa Lü spinning things up and taking us a little adventure in Berlin, one that a hoop may not safely return home from. They look like they had a great time making this, and they say, “We had so much fun making this video and we hope you enjoy watching it!” It’s pretty hard not to. There’s so much enjoy here, even a little juggling. They’re both currently living in Berlin, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is “Clint Eastwood” by the Electronic Swing Orchestra and you can get it for yourself on iTunes.

Lisa Lü

Lisa Lu Hula Hoop With breathtaking graffiti done by the P19 Crew as her backdrop, Lisa Lü of NewHoopArt.com spins it up in the suburbs of Paris in this hooping video. While the whole video is fun and impressive, she throws in a few moves that really blew us away. Watch for how she finds a way to incorporate those artistic walls into her hooping too by bouncing her hoop off the wall into an Eagle Roll! Lisa lives in Berlin, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is “Ni Oui Ni Non” by Zaz and you can get it for yourself on iTunes.

New Zealand Hoopfest Spins It Up

New Zealand Hoopfest

New Zealand Hoopfest: Photo by Tawny Alma

[Guest blogger Anne-Marie Emerson gives us the hoop scoop on the New Zealand Hoopfest/a>]

by Anne-Marie Emerson

The New Zealand hooping community came together for the second annual New Zealand HoopFest, held in the beautiful setting that is the Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre in Wainuiomata, near Wellington. The event attracted 75 hoopers from throughout New Zealand and all around the globe. Organizer Claire French of Frenchy Productions – known to everyone affectionately as “Frenchy” – says she was delighted to be able to bring international hoop stars to the event this year as well. “It’s been great to have so many super-skilled people here. Kenna Hoops is a friend of mine from the UK. She contacted me and said she was coming over this side of the world and would love to come and teach. Lisa Lu is from Germany, but she’s been doing work placement here in New Zealand. And KaytiBunny came all the way from the States.”

Lisa Lü

Lisa Lu Hooping Beauty meets ninja when Lisa Lü spins up some magic in preparation for a World Hoop Day Extravaganza in New Zealand on December 15th. This is Lisa’s first presentation of her solo hoop performance which was recently filmed in Tranemo, Sweden. Lisa Lü of NewHoopArt.com is currently residing in Dargaville, New Zealand, and while her classical music soundtrack is from Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, we weren’t able to figure out who was responsible for the remix. Anybody know?