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Adventures in Sass: Hula Hoop Burlesque!

Anna the Hulagan

by Jenny Hill Burlesque! With a resurgence of interest in the variety show format, burlesque has returned to the stage, and many hoopers are among the smitten kittens. It’s an approachable and engaging artform that is comedic, elegant, sensual, narrative,…

Austrian Hoop Convention 2014

austrianhoopcon Loads of fun and learning came to pass at the first annual Austrian Hoop Convention, as you can see in this wonderful video compilation. Organized by Lisa Looping and Lisa Pflegler, the event took place at the Goethe Gymnasium in Vienna, Austria, and featured many great instructors including Paola Berton, Emma Kenna, Tiana Zoumer, Poki McCorkle, Reni Hardmeier, Lila Chupa-Hoops, Lisa Lü and more who ran workshops covering everything from hooping skills to acro yoga. The camera work and music for this video was done by Florian Pöpl and it was edited by Isabella Maria. The soundtrack is “Dave on Guitar” by BRS and you can get a copy of it over on iTunes.

Lila Chupa-Hoops at the Phoenix Fire Convention

Lila Chupa-Hoops Are you ready to turn up the heat? Great, because we’ve got two performances by Lila Chupa-Hoops at the Phoenix Fire Convention you need to see. First off, up top, it’s her full number with single and double fire hooping, and some fast, fun and hot flaming flow. Then down below we have something short, fierce and truly explosive that you won’t wanna miss with Lila and Burn Crew Concept. She lives in Paris, France, and the soundtracks here are “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis (on iTunes) and “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” by Wanda Jackson (on iTunes).

Under The Leg Hand Spin Wedgie with Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Chupa-HoopsLila Chupa Hoops is here with a brand new hooping tutorial and even though she’s French, don’t worry my dear hooper. You don’t need to know the language to learn. Without any words, she gives all of us the opportunity to learn some new tricks. Something of a combo/wedgie-specialist, Lilsa is here to show us how to do a move she is calling the “Under The Leg/Hand Spin/Wedgie” and it’s pretty fun so have fun with it. Lila lives in Paris, France, and the soundtrack for this is a track called “Dance With The Democrat” by Boogie Belgique and you can get a copy of it for your very own over on Soundcloud.