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Lila Chupa-Hoops’ New Hula Hoop Demo

Lila Chupa-Hoops Feast your eyes on this fabulously scrumptious show reel from Lila Margaux of Lila Chula-Hoops.com! A collage of her professional adventures over the past year, she’s teaching workshops, hoop dancing on festival stages, spinning burlesque teases and fire and LED hoop performances too. What? Is that a firework attached to her hoop in the end?! Don’t miss the exciting finale! Speaking of finales, Lila went all the way to the grand finale of Hooping Idol 2. She currently lives in Paris, France, and the soundtrack here is “All I Ask of You” by Skrillex, and you can get your copy of it over on iTunes.

Chest Roll Variations with Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lilachupahoopschestroll Are you ready to try putting a new spin on a familiar hooping move? Great, because Lila Chupa-Hoops of HoopEra is here to teach all of us a variety of thumbs down chest roll variations in her brand new tutorial, and she puts a whole new spin on chest rolls along the way. The instructional audio for her lesson is, of course, in French, but trust us, you will still be able to understand the lesson without needing to know the language. Lila’s body roll variations are all very fancy so give them a spin and spin up a new way to look at chest rolls. Lila lives in Paris, France.

Adventures in Sass: Hula Hoop Burlesque!

Anna the Hulagan

Anna the Hulagan

by Jenny Hill

Burlesque! With a resurgence of interest in the variety show format, burlesque has returned to the stage, and many hoopers are among the smitten kittens. It’s an approachable and engaging artform that is comedic, elegant, sensual, narrative, and playful. Some acts are social commentary, some are parody, and there are, of course, plenty of beautifully bawdy moments. Wildly entertaining for those who make up the audience, it’s a flexible and fun performance art for those interested in taking the stage as well. In fact, several hooping burlesque performers took time out recently to share a little with us about their start, what keeps them coming back to burlesque, and epiphanies they’ve had about performing and their craft.

”I saw my first Burlesque show during a trip to Italy. I thought ‘I would love to do this with my hula hoop’,” Lila Chupa-Hoops of Paris, France, explained. She picked up a hoop for the first time in 2010 and hoop tease was her first ever performance. She said, “I guess I was so worried about my not so great flow and tricks that adding a bit of sexiness would please the audience more than the hooping.” Her rockabilly act is a spirited and giddy reflection of the 1950s and her energy throughout and her playful stocking removal are sure to charm any audience.

Lila told me, “My idol was Valentina (Unity) Martin. I watched her videos as an inspiration. I love to choreograph my routines too, so hooptease was a good way to build a coherent routine for me. Also, it requires a lot of focusing because it’s really hard to actually ‘do something else’ while hooping! I mostly do burlesque in little cabaret shows, more for the fun of it and the incredible moments we have with the other dancers. The audience can be so cheerful! I have my hooptease signature moves, but I also do a normal routine – always with a bit of a story. Because Burlesque is not just about the striptease, it can be also comedy or circus acts, depicting social situations, characters, clichés. For example, I’ve played the kitty, the air hostess, the Indian goddess, the pin up girl, Hell Girl the super hero, and a Lollipop.”

Anna the Hulagan’s fire hoop burlesque act “The Phoenix” is an award-winning spectacle of flames, feathers, and sensuality that is both hypnotic and tantalizing. A hooper since 2005 based in London, England, UK, Anna too shares in the joy of performing burlesque hoop style. She stated, “Ironically, I find performing in front of hoopers the hardest challenge of all! I think its because I know that a hooping audience knows exactly what is involved in a trick and are judging, or maybe assessing the more finite details, rather than the show as a whole.” She later add, “On the other hand, the general public, who have paid to see you, are more inclined to enjoy the art of being entertained and are there to see the performance, not the hoop tricks!”

Where does she find hooping inspiration? Anna said, “My favourite hooper to watch is the hoop dancer who is just having a lot of fun, and can really style-out the most basic move and make it their own – that’s what I love about hooping. It is so individual. I am slightly envious of the hooper who has the dedication to learn trick after trick after trick, but I know that that is not the element that I love most about hooping, but I know it is what a lot of the community like in regards to seeing their own progression etc. The thing about tricks is that the general public generally doesn’t know what they’re watching, they could see me do the most complex move and barely notice, but when I strut around with the hoop on one finger, they go wild!”

Is she comfortable with the sexy side of burlesque? Anna told me, “It’s a seduction. I don’t think I’m seductive in every-day life, but on stage, that audience is mine to seduce and please and entertain. If I don’t think about them, then the show will be rubbish. Its all about the crowd, so yes, I am comfortable, I have to be, otherwise the audience won’t be.”

Harlowe LeStrange

Harlow LeStrange

While most of us have found community inside the hoop, Harlow Lestrange has found it in burlesque as well. “Being a part of this burlesque and cabaret community has been so rewarding. The people are all lovely and kind of insane and I’ve learned so much over the past five years. I’ve performed in jazz bars, tiny cafes, huge stages in front of thousands of people, strip clubs, people’s living rooms and alongside some of the most talented people I’ve ever met.” From Blenheim, New Zealand, a small town in the South Island mostly populated by vineyards, Harlow began hooping in 2009 and the video above was captured at New Zealand’s first Hoopfest, early in her hoop burlesque journey, though it shows her playfulness, timing, and sense of musicality.

“My first burlesque hoop act was in Christchurch after I finished my course. Instead of using the stage we cleared the back of the room so I could have more ceiling space. I used my LED hoop and it was my first attempt stripping whilst hooping in front of people and it was HARD. I was wearing nude dance tights and they were so slippery! Never again will I wear dance tights when hooping, but that being said it went really well and I was buzzing. Afterwards I got asked to join the troupe, which I accepted eagerly.”

Has her burlesque evolved along with her hooping? “I’ve explored my character and shaped her into something I can be proud of and I’ve learned all about what it takes to put on a show, which saw me moving into producing my own events in 2011. Not only that, but I’ve become a lot more self-confident, and an all round general admirer of bodies. The things we can do with our bodies– no matter the shape or the size, whether you have coordination or lack it– we can entertain, dance, wiggle, shake, shimmy, hula hoop with our bodies. Make people laugh, or gasp or smile with our bodies, and we can make our bodies sparkle and shine with costumes made by our own hands. That is one of the most important things I’ve learned doing burlesque and hoop.”

Burlesque isn’t all about the sexiness either. Lindsey Savage, otherwise known as Neon Emu of Austin, Texas, USA, began hooping in late 2007 and for Viva Dallas Burlesque she was hired to do a series of sideshow hoop acts, as you can see in the video. She said, “At a burlesque show, they’re expecting sexy, tease, silly, slapstick sometimes. Burlesque shows are a delightful mix of all of those things, they’re a celebration of sexuality in all of it’s forms. Some acts are purely sexual (classy, but some just naaasty!) While some acts are peppered in to be silly, funny, and kind of break the ice. The best burlesque shows are programmed with a nice even serving of all of the above. That’s where I came in, I was a sideshow type act in between the burlesque acts. I tailored my act musically to match the show, and worked in a little sex appeal to my act as well, but I never took a bit of clothing off. It’s all in how you work it.”

She too has found the joy of performing for burlesque audiences. “I’ve been performing for a long time, so I guess it’s kind of ingrained into my performer persona. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as nervous and filled with butterflies as anyone else before my shows and I always have been, but something melts away the second I get my first reaction from the crowd. I feed off of the positive energy that I am given and they only inspire me to do better and be a better performer for them. Nothing is as contagious as happiness and when it’s an entire crowd’s happiness aimed right at you, it’s a very powerful, moving experience. There is absolutely nothing like it and I love it!”

Candy Pie

Candy Pie

Candy Pie, otherwise known as Hoopin’ Annie of World Hoop Day, loves it too and while some may find burlesque intimidating, Annie too has found it liberating. Known in the burlesque world as Candy Pie and a hooper for most of her life, Annie got her start in burlesque in 2005, and now is a founder, producer, and performer at the Bubbles on Fire Burlesque & Variety Show. “Burlesque completely evolved my confidence 1000 fold, by making me extraordinarily body confident in my curves and my cuddly warm body and ample physique. Taking off clothes in public, on the stage, is very liberating and less inhibiting than plain old performing for me because it puts my body out there and this leads to everything I seek in the way of self-confidence, gratification and the fans just adoring my body in its lovely shape. No matter what the media says is perfect, my peers and fans show me that I have the perfect body as long as I have the confidence to show it off.”

How does she feel merging hooping and burlesque? She stated, “The crowds perceive both art forms differently, yet appreciatively. The audience for burlesque are more sexual, so to speak, and the hoopers are more sensual – and when both are combined, it becomes a whirl wind of awesome!” Yes, when you combine all the theatrical elements of burlesque and add hoops, you do have a performance with the potential to be brilliant and wildly satisfying. The magical combination opens up opportunities for the performer to create a character, and share a story while showcasing some hoop skills along the way. So whether it is a flowing and sensual hoop dance, a fiery hoop striptease, or a rollicking circus style hoop comedy, there is a story for your character to tell and the burlesque world is looking forward to hearing all about it.


Jenny Hill Contributor Jenny Hill is a poet, arts educator, hoop instructor, performer, and encourager at Acts of Jennius. She is editor and book designer for Paper Kite Press, an independent press for poetry. For 38 years of her life, she lived within the safe confines of her head, and then the hoop found her. If you leave your backyard unattended, she might just start a Hoop(oetry) circus there. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. She’s also on Facebook.

Austrian Hoop Convention 2014

austrianhoopcon Loads of fun and learning came to pass at the first annual Austrian Hoop Convention, as you can see in this wonderful video compilation. Organized by Lisa Looping and Lisa Pflegler, the event took place at the Goethe Gymnasium in Vienna, Austria, and featured many great instructors including Paola Berton, Emma Kenna, Tiana Zoumer, Poki McCorkle, Reni Hardmeier, Lila Chupa-Hoops, Lisa Lü and more who ran workshops covering everything from hooping skills to acro yoga. The camera work and music for this video was done by Florian Pöpl and it was edited by Isabella Maria. The soundtrack is “Dave on Guitar” by BRS and you can get a copy of it over on iTunes.

Lila Chupa-Hoops at the Phoenix Fire Convention

Lila Chupa-Hoops Are you ready to turn up the heat? Great, because we’ve got two performances by Lila Chupa-Hoops at the Phoenix Fire Convention you need to see. First off, up top, it’s her full number with single and double fire hooping, and some fast, fun and hot flaming flow. Then down below we have something short, fierce and truly explosive that you won’t wanna miss with Lila and Burn Crew Concept. She lives in Paris, France, and the soundtracks here are “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis (on iTunes) and “Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On” by Wanda Jackson (on iTunes).

Top Ten List for May 25-June 14 2014

toptenlist We haven’t been running at full speed for awhile with Philo out having his surgery, but we’re back in gear today and we’ve got a brand new Top Ten List for you that covers the past three weeks so you won’t want to miss it! It’s time to count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts (as based on reader response) of that time and we’re starting off at number ten and working our way up to number one. Here’s Hooping.org’s Top Ten List for May 25th through June 14th, 2014.

10. We kick things off at number ten with a cool tutorial from Lila: Under The Leg Hand Spin Wedgie with Lila Chupa-Hoops (175 Points).

9. A gorgeous shot of Hannah proved to be quite a hit: Hannah Stanton-Gockel Hooping with Wildflowers (181 Points).

8. A look at the hooping journey of a dolphin made a lot of readers happy: Fiji the Dolphin Learns to Hula Hoop (183 Points).

7. A stunning photo of Michelle at a music festival came in at number seven: Michelle Bell Hooping at Summer Camp (185 Points).

6. Our top rated photo of the past three weeks goes to this shot taken in the world’s largest sand desert: Arabian Desert Hooping with Teeba Alkhudairi (189 Points).

5. A tutorial from Morgan got everyone working on an isolation illusion: Hooping Isolation Combination with Morgan Jenkins (222 Points).

4. Katie’s new hoop that blows bubbles while you spin made everybody happy: Bubble Hooping with Katie Sunshine (223 Points).

3. Bonnie told us all about the importance of going both ways: Hooping and Living in Both Currents (191 Points).

2. Philo’s surgery after a long year of waiting proved to be wonderful news: My Life as an Obamacare Poster Child (350 Points).

1. And at number one we have our top rated video, which also just happened to be her first. Wow! Anna Fisher’s Kickass Hula Hoop Debut (550 Points).

Top 2 Features

1. My Life as an Obamacare Poster Child with Philo Hagen (350 Points).
2. Hooping and Living in Both Currents with Bonnie MacDougall (191 Points).

Top 5 Videos:
1. Anna Fisher’s Kickass Hula Hoop Debut (550 Points).
2. Bubble Hooping with Katie Sunshine (223 Points).
3. Hooping Isolation Combination with Morgan Jenkins (222 Points).
4. Fiji the Dolphin Learns to Hula Hoop (183 Points).
5. Under The Leg Hand Spin Wedgie with Lila Chupa-Hoops (175 Points).

Top 5 Photos:
1. Arabian Desert Hooping with Teeba Alkhudairi (189 Points).
2. Michelle Bell Hooping at Summer Camp (185 Points).
3. Hannah Stanton-Gockel Hooping with Wildflowers (181 Points).
4. Hooping with Amy Rogers in the NYC Dance Parade (161 Points).
5. Abbie Mae Peterson Spins Her Twin Hoops (137 Points).

That’s our Top Ten List and Top 5’s for this week and remember if you see something you appreciate here (or on any of our social networking sites), it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment and share the hoop love, and you get to make someone’s day while you’re at it. YAY! Each like, share, note or comment is worth a point in calculating our weekly Top Ten. And with that, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr if you’re not already doing so and we hope you had a very happy hooping weekend everybody!

Under The Leg Hand Spin Wedgie with Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Chupa-HoopsLila Chupa Hoops is here with a brand new hooping tutorial and even though she’s French, don’t worry my dear hooper. You don’t need to know the language to learn. Without any words, she gives all of us the opportunity to learn some new tricks. Something of a combo/wedgie-specialist, Lilsa is here to show us how to do a move she is calling the “Under The Leg/Hand Spin/Wedgie” and it’s pretty fun so have fun with it. Lila lives in Paris, France, and the soundtrack for this is a track called “Dance With The Democrat” by Boogie Belgique and you can get a copy of it for your very own over on Soundcloud.

Hooping Idol’s 15 Greatest Hits

hoopingidolgreatest by Philo Hagen

With casting currently underway for our fourth exciting season of Hooping Idol, we thought it was time to finally take a good look back at the very best moments from our first three seasons. Though the award winning competition and world wide hooping community celebration just keeps getting bigger every year, and 2014 promises to be no exception, that’s because some of the most mind blowing hooping videos the world has ever seen were spun up along the way. Having watched all of our previous finalists grow in such amazing ways over the course of the competition, let’s revisit some of the greatest hits of Hooping Idol past, noting that in most cases these gems came late in a season. With the most kickass ultimate prize package annually, and this year promises to be no exception, and a panel of judges that are ready to help take all of our competitors to a whole new level and beyond, here are Hooping Idol’s 15 greatest hits.

15 (tie). When we decided to spin up Country Week, little did we know that everybody would rise to the occasion so brilliantly. People even rode in on horses and were hooping on moving tractors (Hello Laurie). Meanwhile, Kim Cuppett and Mari “Merrily Spins” Cunningham both took it even a notch higher with lasso hoops that nailed their target, rake hooping, country line dancing and chicken fried. Kim lives in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and Merrily lives in Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA.

14. There were so many wonderful hoop stories that were spun during Fairy Tales Week of season two, but Jozette Gordon’s take on Beauty and the Beast with an angry torch carrying village out to stop the madness remains indelibly etched into our Hooping Idol memory. She lives in Worth Center, New York, USA.

13. When Harlow went home early during our second season of Hooping Idol, everyone was shocked, including us. We’d all been so captivated by her videos each week and her Slowjams Week submission found her spinning up serious hoop dance drama on the beach in an earthquake ravaged Christchurch. She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

12. Lila Chupa-Hoops dazzled us throughout our second season and spun it up all the way to the finale, and her spin on Slowjams Week was the moment that hit the nail on the head. She did it so softly and beautifully too that people are still talking about it. Sweet, intimate and completely personable, this little tale of rooftop romance was Hooping Idol gold. She lives in Paris, France.

11. One of the funnest moments of Idol came during our very first season with Kay Dent who transformed herself from groovy hooper chick into the hooping superhero Hoopergirl. Knocking out villains with style and ease (and hoops, of course,), this one remains one of Idol’s most memorable. She’s currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.

10. Ashley Long’s Hooping Idol story was one of those that captivated all of us as she took her critiques each week and just kept getting better and better throughout the competition. In fact, she took it all the way to the finale and did so in part thanks to a Tribal Week submission for season three that gave many of us goosebumps.

9. Chad Forsberg may not have spun up the most creative submissions during his Idol run, but his mad hoop skills kept him in the competition from start to finish and catapulted him into being a hooping household name with Hoopie Award nominations. His Finale Week submission from season two with his hoop dance in the rain was his absolute best.

8. Aidan Jeavons delivered a whole series of excellent videos during his run on season two of Hooping Idol and though he didn’t make it to the finale, he did score himself the Hoopie Award for Youth Hooper of the Year as a result. How could he not have? The hooping world couldn’t help but root for him. Here he is spinning up something adorable for Slowjams Week. He lives in Brighton, England, UK.

7. Rebecca Morning-Phipps brought something truly unique for her Persona Week submission of season one and battled herself in a dual role that left everybody wanting more. A battle between the inner forces of light and dark took place and it ended up winning her a Hoopie Award nomination. She lives in Florence, South Carolina, USA.

6. Sam Resnicow spun his way to the finale of our first season of Idol with solid moves and personality that came together most effectively during Persona Week. Even though our hoop genie was under the spell of someone special, this was when we all really fell in love with him. He currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

5. Hooping Idol Hannah Flett surprised everyone in season two and went from an underdog early on, all the way to the finish line. One of the reasons for that included her fun and most impressive finale during season two that cinched her the Hooping Idol crown and a Hoopie Award nomination along with it. She lives in Exeter, England, UK.

4. Hooping Idol Maryève Gaudreau blew all of us out of the water when Tribal Week arrived during season three, submitting one of the most creative Idol visions ever we’ve watched countless times. It spirals into something truly other worldly with such attention to detail that repeated viewings reveal even more, rightfully earning her a Hoopie Award nomination and putting her at the front of the competition. She lives in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

3. Cheko Cabrera won the hearts of everyone early on in season three of Hooping Idol and spun up so many great videos a few of them could have made this list. Many thought the finalist was certain to win it with videos like his Country Week submission sealing the deal. Every moment in this is perfection and it’s no wonder it earned him a Hoopie Award nomination too. He lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

2. Anossens blew everyone away with what amounts to the most technologically advanced hooping video we’d ever seen before Idol or since. It all happened during Future Week of our very first season of Idol and with this game changer she hooped her way into virtual reality, a Hoopie Award nomination, and found herself a legion of world wide fans in the process. She lives in Strasbourg, France.

1. Although his PIMP finale sealed the deal for him becoming our first Hooping Idol, our most memorable Idol video to date from any season came during Persona Week on season one. Nick Broyd not only took on the role of James Bond to Live and Let Hoop, but played his evil nemesis as well, spinning up a hilarious hoop battle that was nominated for a Hoopie Award too. He lives in Bristol, England, UK.

There were so many more amazing contestants and captivating moments that we couldn’t even begin to name them all. In fact, 63 hoopers have made their way through Idol during our first three seasons and soon we’ll be announcing a whole new platoon of brand new contestants for our fourth season in our quest to find the next great hooper star. So if you’re thinking about throwing your hoop in the ring, we say go for it. What have you got to lose? You have until late Sunday night to turn in your Casting Week submission. If this didn’t give you enough of a taste to whet your appetite you can always watch our first three seasons and thanks for joining us for this incredible Hooping Idol trip down memory lane.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.