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Malcolm Love

Malcolm Love

Malcolm Love says “he’s just messing around”, but the flight of his blue LED hoop and energetic flow is captivating.  Here he is showing off his off-body groove and elbow tosses and even spins up doubles with a fabulous light…

Ani May Gyrle

Ani May Gyrle

How’s your 30/30 challenge coming along? Ani May Gyrle took time out on World Hoop Day to put a meditative spin on hers, completing her 30 minutes and then some. “As a single full-time working mom, two hours of hooping,…


SeaStar, aka Lori Gately, spins her LED hoop during a photo shoot at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California, USA. Photo by Dominick Valentic. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Hoopchick Lights Up Israel

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Orly “Hoopchick” Mager of Hoopchick.com is certainly spinning things up in Israel. In fact, she just finished shooting a twelve part series on hoop dance for Israeli television. Stay tuned to Hooping.org to view the episodes.…


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Arseny Knyazev thinks hoop skills should count as a superpower. We couldn’t agree more. He co-moderates our Man Hooping Forum and he lives in New York City. Soundtrack: “Superhero” by Daze (on iTunes).

Manar Al-Asad

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Manar Al-Asad glow hoops in this dreamy delight. Video by Sophia Dagher. They live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Soundtrack: “A Dream Within a Dream” by Glitch Mob (on iTunes).