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How to Make a LED Hula Hoop with Matt Tollow

How to Make a LED Hula Hoop If you’ve thought that making your own LED hoop was always going to be something beyond your reach, think again. Matt Tollow is here with a brand new tutorial to teach us all step by step just what it takes to make one and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow along. Give yourself half an hour to watch this so you can take it all in at once because he really breaks it down in great detail. Matt lives in Ukiah, California, USA.

Psychedelic LED Hooping atop the Further Bus with Ali Padiak

Further Bus with Ali Padiak All aboard for some tripped out LED hooping! Ali Padiak of Feather Hoops spins it up in brilliant technicolor atop the infamous Further bus. She says, “I was lucky enough to get the chance to hoop on top of the psychedelic Further Bus at the Phases of the Moon Festival!” And no, this isn’t the original bus which broke down in 1969, but the 2nd Further Bus. The original bus is on Ken Kesey’s farm in Oregon waiting for restoration to be put in a museum. Ali lives in Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Enter The Chamber” by Bassnectar & Sayr.