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Samantha Rodgers LED Hooping

LED Hooping with Samantha Rodgers

Samantha Rodgers spins up the lights with her LED hooping performance at Invasion ft. Dieselboy at the Egan Center in Anchorage, Alaska. She lives in Peter’s Creek, Alaska, USA. Photo by Clearwater Productions.

Theresa LED Hooping

LED Hoop Dance with Theresa Ciavarella

Theresa Ciavarella of Hoop Dance with Theresa is one hoopdancer who knows how to rock it. Check out her fantastic LED hoop dancing at the annual Community Days event, held in DuBois, Pennsylvania, USA....

Natalie Kane

LED Hooping with Natalie Kane

Natalie Kane spins up the lights with her LED hoop at the Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by Ben Muri Film & Photography.

Lizzie Tilles hooping

Hoop Trek at Dusk with Lizzie Tilles

Come on a hoop trek at dusk with hoop dancer Lizzie Tilles and her illuminating LED hoop as she gets her glow on atop some gorgeous mountains. The video was filmed and produced by Ben Tilles,...

Cameron Murphey Hooping

Hoop Dancing with Cameron Murphey

How many times have you caught yourself holding your breath as you hula hoop? Well, Cameron Murphey reminds us to breathe in his hooping.org debut with awesome footage of him getting his flow on with...

Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe spins up a performance at the The Analog Cafe & Theater. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cody Augustine.