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Las Vegas Hooping with Kayla Marie

Kayla Smith hooping

http://youtu.be/98KSRUL71GE Grab your hoop and come along on an epic hoop journey with Kayla Smith of Kayla Marie Hoop Dance as she travels to Las Vegas. She's quite the class act hooping on the infamous strip in her high heels and gorgeous gown, and those extra few inches don't seem to phase her hooping skills…

Whirling Waves and Spinning Circles with Lula Hula

Lula Hula Lula Hula, otherwise known as Martina Morati, shows her interest in circles of all kinds. Her curiosity of the circle doesn’t just start with hoops either, it all begins here with earrings. Spinning it alongside the beach, Martina reminds us that “Passion and perseverance are crucial to being a perfect hooper girl.” The end result is creative and fun. Lula Hula is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and the soundtrack to this is “Desert Dancer” by Nickodemus which you can grab your very own copy of on iTunes.