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Hula Hoops: The Next Big Wedding Trend

wedding hoops

by Lara Eastburn In recent years, the modern hula hoop has spread from its now decade-old origins at music festivals to local parks, gyms and dance studios, and even the covers of magazines. What’s the next unlikely place you’ll spot…

How the Hoop Came to Poland


by Lara Eastburn Kicking butt in the democracy and freedom department since the early 1990s, post-communist Poland became a full member of the European Union in 2004 and is now one of its strongest leaders in human rights. With a…

Learning the Lift

Learning The Lift FEAT

Lara Eastburn knows you have an aching can’t-stop-it-itch to expand the reach of your hoop dance beyond waist hooping. First step? Getting that hoop in the air and spinning up over your head. It’s all about learning the lift.

Hoopy Mothers Day


by Lara Eastburn On Mother’s Day weekend I always find myself marveling at the capacity of the human body to create movement and existence itself. What parallels lay between mothering and hooping! Just as our mothers’ bodies created life, our…