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Jennifer Ong

Jennifer Ong Hooper Jennifer Ong is celebrating her very first hoopiversary by getting down with her hot pink hula hoops in a mean green setting! She told us, “I have a long way to go, but I am excited to share some of the things I have been working on. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me on this path.” Jennifer lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the music that she’s hooping to in this is titled “This Time Around” by KOAN Sound & ASA and its available for you to download a copy of on iTunes.

Miss Strange at Hoopcamp 2013

Miss Strange at Hoopcamp Miss Strange, aka Heather Blount-Elliott, does nothing short of amaze us with her 2013 Hoopcamp Performance Showcase piece. In fact, we are strangely hypnotized by her beautiful dance, subtle transitions, and intricate movements. You may remember seeing her this April when she was teaching us how to foot hoop like a rockstar. Miss Strange currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the song she is performing to is “Crystallize” by Lindsey Sterling and if you don’t already have it, you can get it for yourself Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling">on iTunes.

Shakti Sunfire: One Hoop One Love

Shakti Sunfire In this gorgeous new video from Shakti Sunfire of One Hoop One Love, the elements spin and come together to gift us something truly special. She says, “When I first picked up a hoop I was outside with only the wind for music. The sunlight was coming through the trees and the forest seemed so still. I began to move, just simply, keeping a cyclical rhythm. I felt in my body that we are all a part of this great dance. At our core everything is moving.” Shakti lives in Santa Monica, California, USA. Video by Cinemaui Studio with a soundtrack called “R Life” featuring Brandon Mitchell and Carlos Garcia by Shigeto and you can download it on Soundcloud.

Hooping Tutorials: Foot Hooping

Foot Hooping Have you ever wanted to just stick your foot in it? Well now you can thanks to Heather Blount-Elliott, aka Miss Strange. She is here to teach us the wonders of hooping with our footsies – and she’s really a great teacher so check this out even if you think you’ve got it down. She even breaks things down by hoop size and offers extra tips for advanced hoopers, on top of how to look good doing it and dress it up to make it look even more impressive. Miss Strange currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Hooping Forever More

Philo Hagen Hooping Hooping.org’s Co-Founder and Editor Philo Hagen doesn’t make many hooping videos. In fact, this is only his second to date, but if you know his first, then you know it’s going to be something special and in celebration of this being his 10th Hoopiversary today, he wants not only to thank everyone for ten incredible years inside the circle, he wants you to know he will be hooping forever more. Philo lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Forever More” by Moloko and it’s on iTunes. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.